2016 PBNYC Winning Projects

2016 PBNYC Winning Projects

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Arts, Culture, and Community Facilities: 

Create New Teen Space at Carroll Gardens Library

Revamp the library's mezzanine-level to create more space and add comfortable furniture, outlets, and new lighting - to create an inviting space for teens  to use after-school and on weekends

Location: 396 Clinton St, between Union and Sackett Sts

Cost: $350,000


 District 39: Create Teen Space at Carroll Gardens Library from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.

"Mobile Studios" for Artists and Orgs in Gowanus 

Three "mobile studios" - small, mobile workplaces - for artists and community organizations that will enliven underused areas and engage the public on local issues like displacement, environment and resiliency.

Location: Parks, plazas, and street-ends in Gowanus

Cost: $150,000 for 3 mobile studios


 District 39: "Mobile Studios” for Artists & Orgs in Gowanus from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.

Overnight Book Drops at Three Library Branches

Installation of overnight book drops at three district library branches to enable after-hours library returns. The drops will make utilizing the library easier and help people avoid fines.

Location: Carroll Gardens, Windsor Terrace & Borough Park 

 Cost: $24,000 ($8,000/drop)


 District 39: Book Drops at Three Library Branches from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.

Music Equipment for Three Senior Centers

Music equipment for three district senior centers, including guitars and keyboards, to enhance current music programming and to facilitate new programs such as keyboard classes and karaoke.

Location: Prospect Hill, Eileen Dugan & Park Slope Ctrs

 Cost: $5,000


 District 39: Music Equipment for Programming at Three Senior Centers from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.


Retrofit 75 Auditorium Lights for Safety at PS 282

School and after-school groups use auditorium daily. Current lights cast shadows, making steep floor unsafe, and use expensive short-life bulbs. New LED retrofit will fix safety and cost issues.

Location: PS 282, 180 6th Avenue, Park Slope

Cost: $200,000 


 District 39: Retrofit 75 Auditorium Lights for Safety from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.

West Brooklyn Community HS Portable Laptop Lab

Three mobile carts with 25 laptops each will travel among classrooms to support instruction and foster IT skills. WBCHS is a transfer high school offering a second chance to high-needs students

Location:  1053 41st Street, Borough Park

Cost: $105,000


 District 39: West Brooklyn Community H.S. Portable Laptop Lab from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.


Translation Equipment for Multi-Lingual Schools 

Allows interpreters to provide live translation during school events.  Non-English speaking audience members listen through headsets. Equipment accommodates up to 8 languages and 2,000 receivers.

Location: PS 130, PS 131, PS 179, PS 230, and MS 839

Cost:  $25,000


 District 39: Translation Equipment for Multi-Lingual Schools from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.



New “Lake Mess Monster,” an aquatic weed harvester

Prospect Park needs a new aquatic weed harvester (aka “Lake Mess Monster”) to remove scum from the lake. Without it, the scum will sink and proceed to rot, causing the water to become toxic.

Location: Prospect Park Lake

Cost: $140,000 for the machine


 District 39: New “Lake Mess Monster,” an aquatic weed harvester from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.

Year-round, freeze-resistant drinking fountains along Prospect Park Drive

The water fountains in Prospect Park are not available to use during the winter months. This upgrade would make 5 fountains along the Prospect Park Drive freeze-resistant and available year-round.

Location: Prospect Park, 5 locations along the Drive

Cost:  $175,000 for 5 water fountains


 District 39: Year-round, Freeze-Resistant Drinking Fountains from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.

Streets & Transit:

Curb extension & safer crossing near Carroll Park

The installation of a curb extension at this very busy intersection would shorten the crossing distance and promote pedestrian safety for families and residents using Carroll Park.Location: Intersection of Carroll and Court Streets.

Location: Intersection of Carroll and Court Streets

Cost: $150,000

"Bus Clocks” on B67/B69: see when bus will arrive!

Install bus countdown clocks that display real-time information about bus location at 12 B69/B67 stops. This will help mass transit users estimate wait times and make better travel decisions.

Location: 12 B67/B69 stops: McDonald, 7th Ave, Flatbush

Cost: $240,000 for 12 bus stops


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