2017 Winning Projects for PBNYC District 39

2017 Winning Projects for PBNYC District 39

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With a historic voter turnout and over 7,000+ votes casted, the 2017 winning projects were announced on 5/6 at the Park Slope Library's ribbon-cutting of their new storytime garden, a past winning PB project. 

Participatory Budgeting is a yearlong process that depends from start to finish on the participation of you and your neighbors. The first step each year is a series of “neighborhood assemblies” where residents come together to brainstorm and share ideas for needed projects. After ideas are presented, volunteers research each idea, including costs and specifics of every proposed project. 

Details of the suggested projects are reviewed, finalized, and presented at the Participatory Budgeting Expo in the weeks before the vote. Finally, residents from across the district come out to vote for their favorite projects, and together we collectively decide which of the proposed projects will get funded.

In Council Member Brad Lander’s District, this includes both capital ($1.5 million) and expense ($50,000) projects. 

Winning Capital Projects:

CHiPS Mobile Showers for Homeless Neighbors
Category: Arts, Culture, & Community 
Cost: $59,560
Description: The CHiPS soup kitchen will purchase a two-stall shower trailer that provides our neediest neighbors with access to hygiene.
Location: In front of CHiPS building, 200 4th Avenue

Bring Water to Thomas Cuite Park ("Froggy Park")
Category: Parks
Cost: $250,000
Description: Restore service to only water fountain in playground loved by locals & used heavily by 500 preschoolers from PS K280.
Location: 11th Ave & 19th Street, Windsor Terrace

More Street Trees Throughout the District
Category: Environment
Cost: $70,000
Description: Add 35 trees with guards to provide shade and beauitfy the neighborhoods, especially where few or no trees exist.
Location: Streets in Kensington, Gowanus, Borough Park

Realtime Bus Arrival Info near Subway Stops
Category: Streets and Transit
Cost: $200,000 for 8 stops
Description: Install countdown clocks at bus stops near subway exits, to enable informed decisions on transportation choices.
Location: Near F, G R stops

Fab Lab for MS 442 Project-Based STEM Learning
Category: Education
Cost: $200,000
Description: Wiring upgrade to support innovative FabLab with 3D printer, laser cutter, and other equipment to develop tech savvy kids
Location: MS 442, 500, 19th Street, Windsor Terrace 

A/C for Sweltering PS230 Cafeteria
Category: Education
Cost: $300,000
Description: Large school seeks to make 3,400 sq-ft cafeteria bearable to enable year-round use as educational and community space. 
Location: PS 230, 1 Albemarle Road, Kensington

Repavement of PS 130 Schoolyard
Category: Education
Cost: $500,000
Description: Yard in dire need of new pavement/drainage. Floods and ice are big safety issues. The yard is school's only gym space. 
Location: PS 130, Lowerschool, 70 Ocean Pkwy, Kensington



Winning Expense Projects:

Tech for Immigrant Families & After-School Programs

Category: Arts, Culture, & Community
Cost: $16,000
Description: Help 100s of women, children, & immigrant families thrive! Upgrade the tech at local service org Imani house. 
Location: Imani House, 76A 5th Avenue, Brooklyn

Creative Engagement for Alzheimer's Patients & Training for Caregivers
Category: Arts, Culture, & Community
Cost: $7,500 
Description: Weekly visits from local artists to enrich the lives of elders with Alzheimer's & train caregivers. 
Location: Cobble Hill Health Center 380, Henry St, Brooklyn, NY

Empower Immigrant Works by Supporting Local Cooperative
Category: Arts, Culture, & Community
Cost: $10,000
Description: Start-up support for co-op owned & operated by immigrant women dedicated to providing quality jobs & care. 
Location: Hopewell Care Worker Cooperative Serving Carroll Gardens, Columbia Waterfront, & Gowanus

Talking about Race and Equity in District 15 School
Category: Education
Cost: $6,000
Description: 4 workshops led by Border Crossers will train educators and parents in strategies for addressing race and promoting equity. 
Location: MS488/PS146, 610 Henry Street Carroll Gardens

#GOBK Bystander Intervention Trainings
Category: Education
Cost: $5,000
Description: These trainings by the Center for Anti-Violence Education will teach community members how to respond to increased harassment and hate crimes. 
Location: #GOBK meetings

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