Tell Governor Cuomo: End the MTA’s signal failure.

Every day, New Yorkers wait in near-agony for subway trains running far behind schedule, late for work, for school, for doctor’s appointments. As the New York Times reported in anepic story on the subway crisis this Sunday, every single subway line has worsened dramatically (except one, more on that below). On-time performance has fallen far below every other major city (only Mexico City is even close).

What’s the number one cause of subway delays? Signal failures (even the MTA says so).

What’s the most important long-term fix for the subways? Modernizing the signal system. The Regional Plan Association says so. The MTA says so. The New York Times says so. And New Yorkers say so.

Unfortunately: Governor Cuomo and the MTA have not gotten the message.

The subway “rescue plan” developed by MTA Chairman Joe Lhota does not include any additional funding for signal modernization. Even worse, as the Times revealed this weekend, the MTA has cut half-a-billion dollars from signal projects under Governor Cuomo. The subway crisis is Governor Cuomo’s signal failure.

That’s why we are launching I hope you’ll check it out today, see how signal failures are harming New Yorkers, learn what we can do to modernize our signal system, and sign the petition calling on Governor Cuomo and the MTA to fix the signals. is a new online tool that my office developed to call attention to the need to fix the signals. We are launching it today, together with New York State Senators Liz Krueger and Kevin Parker, and Assembly Members Robert Carroll, Richard Gottfried, Jo Anne Simon, Assemblymember and Senator-Elect Brian Kavanagh   -- and hopefully you! -- to demand that the governor and the MTA to make modernizing the subway’s signal system their top long-term priority. Read more »


New Yorkers agree: Modernizing the signal system must be a top MTA priority. But the MTA actually cut $500 million from signal projects, and Chair Lhota’s subway rescue has not added $1 to signal modernization. At the current pace, a modern signal system will take 50 years. will reveal how signal failures affect New Yorkers daily commutes and build support to fix the signals.
November 21, 2017

NEW YORK -- A group of New York elected officials today launched, calling on Governor Cuomo and MTA Chairman Joe Lhota to fix-the-signals. According to the MTA's own, 20-year needs assessment, signal failure is the leading cause of subway delays. Read more »

Meet & greet with your new State Senator!

 A few months ago, State Senator Daniel Squadron announced he was resigning from his post in the New York State Senate. Read more »

“Certification of No Harassment” Policy Will Protect Tenants from Harassment

Unfortunately, for unscrupulous landlords in NYC – especially in neighborhoods where rents are rising – harassing tenants is part of the business plan. Once a tenant is driven out, the landlord can make significant renovations, or demolish and rebuild, enabling them to dramatically raise rents. While we have taken significant steps to prevent harassment through legislation, proactive enforcement, and providing legal counsel, harassment of rent-regulated tenants remains a significant problem. 

The “Certification of No Harassment” (CONH) legislation will better protect tenants from the cycle of harassment. Under the law, covered building owners will be required to prove they have not engaged in harassment before they can get the permits they need from the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) to demolish or make significant alterations to their buildings. If the landlord is found to have harassed tenants, they would not be able to pull those permits – unless they submit to a significant "cure" requirement (making a substantial portion of their building permanently affordable, with no public subsidy). Read more »

Hope in the Dark, Las Mareas edition

Jacqueline Vazquez Suarez – known in the coastal town of Las Mareas as Jacqui – started cooking on a fogon (a traditional Puerto Rican stove) in the days after Hurricane Maria, and an extraordinary community of recovery has grown around her. Read more »

Five years after Sandy: Let’s remember. And recommit.

Five years after Sandy: Let’s remember. And recommit.

Five years later, what I remember most is what we were able to do together.

More than the destroyed homes, the burned-out electrical panels in all of NYCHA’s Red Hook Houses, or the tree that fell on our home. Read more »

Elected Officials and Community Leaders Welcome City Planning's Release of Working Group Recommendations for Gowanus

Areas of consensus include infrastructure and resiliency investments, expanded public access, a strong mix of uses including industry, arts, and affordable housing. Community members will continue to push for stronger commitments to invest in public housing & manufacturing jobs.
October 18, 2017

From January through July of 2017 -- as part of the larger NYC Department of City Planning’s Gowanus Neighborhood Planning Study -- community residents took part in a series of working groups, to drill down on the complex issues that will shape the future of Gowanus. Today, the cumulative results of this effort were published on Read more »

Proposal for a NYC Historic & Cultural Markers Program

Council Members Brad Lander, Laurie Cumbo, and Jimmy Van Bramer wrote this letter to the Co-Chairs of the NYC Mayoral Advisory Commission on Monuments (NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Commissioner Tom Finkelpearl and Ford Foundation President Darren Walker). We urge them -- in addition to their assigned task of addressing "symbols of hate" -- to consider establishing a new NYC Historic & Cultural Markers Program. Read more »

A New Bus Route for Brooklyn: Fighting to Revive the B71 With A New Link to Lower Manhattan

October 13, 2017

BROOKLYN, NY -- Today, the B71+ Coalition, made up of elected officials, community leaders, transportation advocates, and Brooklyn residents called upon the Department of Transportation and MTA to revive the cross-Gowanus B71 bus with a new link through Red Hook to Lower Manhattan. Read more »

Testimony Supporting Proposed NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission Rules To Require For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) Accessibility

Good morning, Chair Joshi and Commissioners. I am Council Member Brad Lander. I’m here today to express my strong support for the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission’s (TLC) proposed rule to require for-hire vehicle (FHV) bases to send 25% of their dispatched trips to wheelchair accessible vehicles. Read more »

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