In the Press: Locals Say 'Fuhgeddabout' Closing Engine 220

Councilmember Lander speaks to crowd at rally to save Engine 220
Park Slope Patch

Midway through a rally against Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to shutter Park Slope’s Engine 220, the 11th Street firehouse got a call – it was time for action.

Hundreds of locals – from the little ones at PS 107 to Public Advocate Bill deBlasio – quickly scattered from the fire station’s driveway as a fire truck pulled out and turned on its sirens.

The chaotic scene demonstrated precisely the point that so many had turned up to make: Engine 220 is vital to the safety of this neighborhood. Read more »

In the Press: Give New Yorkers a Living Wage

New York Daily News Op Ed

New York City spends billions of taxpayer dollars annually to subsidize new shopping centers, office buildings, stadiums and other projects. These create jobs, but often not very good ones: Workers at retail stores, concession stands and cafeterias often earn as little as $8 an hour, without benefits. They scrape by, struggling to raise families.  A City Council proposal would ensure that jobs created via taxpayer-subsidized development projects pay a living wage of at least $10 an hour. If developers want taxpayer subsidies, they should offer decent wages. Read more »

In the Press: Councilman Lander Fights To Restore Child Care Slots

Councilmember Lander at Bais Yaakov day care center in Boro Park--May 13, 2011
Vos Iz Neias?

Brooklyn, NY - Bais Yaakov Day Care Center, located at 1363 46th Street, Brooklyn, New York, was visited by Councilman Brad Lander on Friday, May 13. The purpose of his visit was to galvanize and unify efforts to fight the mayor’s proposed child care cuts that threaten to reduce Bais Yaakov’s existing 8 classes to 4 classes. Read more »

In the Press: City Officials, Housing Advocates Rally Against Predatory Lending Practices

Council Member Brad Lander During the Press Conference Outside 294 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn Daily Eagle

PARK SLOPE — South Brooklyn Legal Services, along with elected officials and members of the Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC) and the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board (UHAB), held a rally yesterday in Park Slope to announce the filing of two separate motions arguing that mortgage holders can be held liable for maintaining building conditions once a foreclosure is initiated and a receiver is in place.

"Lenders have placed thousands of low and moderate income renters at risk -- first, by over-leveraging multi-family buildings with too much debt, and then by failing to step up and take responsibility for building conditions," said City Councilmember Brad Lander. "The motions filed by SBLS today are an important step toward holding banks responsible for their actions and ensuring that tenants are living in decent, safe and sanitary housing. We also need to move forward on legislation that I introduced in the Council this spring that would require lenders to post a bond when they commence foreclosure proceedings, to address situations just like this one." Read more »

In the Press: New bill seeks parking permits to help moving day

New York Post

A city Councilman’s memories of a hot, sweaty and miserable day spent hauling furniture is driving a change in city policy that could transform moving days into a less painful rite of passage.

Councilman Brad Lander (D–Park Slope) introduced legislation last week that would require the city to create temporary moving-day parking permits, allowing people to reserve spots close to the residences they are leaving and the ones they’ll soon call home.

Lander envisions something similar to the way that the city issues street fair permits. Would-be movers would likely apply online and provide evidence that they’re actually changing address. The Police Department would issue the appropriate signage, Lander said. Read more »

The Progressive Caucus's Response to the Mayor's Budget

Below is the New York City Progressive Caucus's response to the Mayor's budget. The Mayor has not listened to the many, many New Yorkers who asked for millionaires to pay a fair share, and has instead decided to yet again balance the budget on the backs of the city's families by cutting vital services. However, my colleagues in the Progressive Caucus and I will continue to fight for a fairer, more equitable New York City. Read more »

In the Press: Moving Forward on Fourth

Fourth Avenue
AOL Patch

There is no denying that Fourth Avenue is perhaps not the prettiest of South Brooklyn's boulevards.

But a group of local residents and politicians are hoping that changing the avenue’s commerce situation just might change the avenue for the better.

Thanks to Councilmember Brad Lander, the Department of City Planning is now considering changing the avenue’s zoning in a way that would encourage more commercial activity – and with it, make the avenue more pedestrian-friendly to accommodate the avenue as an ever-growing residential district. Read more »

In the Press - Video: Proposed Bill Could Reserve Parking For Moving New Yorkers

New York 1

Brooklyn Councilman Brad Lander is introducing a bill that would allow people to apply to reserve parking spots on moving day.

People who are moving would be able to reserve two spots -- one in front of the old address and another in front of the new address.

"If the city would make it possible to reserve the spots right in front of your building just for that one day that you're moving, you could park your moving van or your moving truck there," said Lander. "Your moving company could easily move in or out, do it at the other end, doesn't inconvenience anyone. Read more »

In the Press: Council Moving to Ease Parking

The Wall Street Journal

The New York City Council plans Thursday to pass legislation that could significantly alter the landscape of parking in New York City, reducing the number of days that motorists must deal with alternate-side-of-the-street parking regulations.

"So many people have experienced the challenge of just spending way too much time trolling around looking for parking, and clogging up the streets of the neighborhood and organizing their whole lives around getting a spot the night before," Mr. Lander, the bill's lead sponsor, said. "And on plenty of blocks the streets are clean and can be kept clean with one-day-per-week-per-side alternate-side cleaning."

With this legislation, at least 20 community districts would qualify to be reduced to one-day a week per side street cleaning, Mr. Lander's office said. Read more »

In the Press: Children left behind? Plan to slash 6,300 seats in boro day care hits parents hard

Anneris Nieves, with her kids, frets over Shirley Chisholm cuts
New York Daily News

Brooklyn parents would lose 6,326 seats under the proposed cuts [to child care], the most in the city....Councilman Brad Lander (D-Park Slope) noted working families will feel the brunt of the cut, since the city is legally required to fund child care for families on public assistance.

"It's penny wise, pound foolish," he said. "If some of these families can't go to work because they lose child care, then we'll have to pay for their child care anyway."

Read more »

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