Your Neighborhood Needs You!

Your Neighborhood Needs You!

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Our 5th year of Participatory Budgeting NYC (PBNYC) is underway, and we need your help! 

The PBNYC process gives New Yorkers the power to decide how to spend tax dollars in our neighborhoods. If you’re not familiar with PBNYC, here’s how it works:

  • First, you and your neighbors come up with ideas for cool projects that will help our schools, libraries, parks, streets, and other shared spaces.
  • Next, we work together to research the feasibility and need for each project, and finalize a list of projects to put on the ballot.
  • Finally, we hold a public vote on the ideas, and together decide which of the great ideas will get funded.

Last year over 51,000 people voted citywide and helped fund $32 million worth of projects in 24 districts around the city. In our district, you made Hicks Street safer, funded 3 great projects in public schools, provided technology to youth-serving not-for-profits, and created a new reading garden at the Park Slope Library. 

Over the past four years, thousands of you have participated, and based on your votes, we’ve funded 29 great projects throughout the 39th Council district — from libraries to schools to parks to safer streets. Take a look at the many projects we’ve supported together.

This year in our district we’ll be funding $1.5 million of capital projects through PBNYC

We Need Your Help!

Volunteer energy is essential to the success of participatory budgeting in our community.  Volunteers run the entire PBNYC operation from generating ideas, to developing projects, and seeing them through their final place on the ballot. Volunteers help us get the word out about the vote, and help us make sure we have plenty of polling places across the district. Even if you’re new to PB, volunteering can be a great way to connect with your community and get to know some of your fantastic neighbors through the process. Sign up here to get involved

Momentum for PBNYC has grown year after year. This year, there are 27 districts across NYC taking part, which means that for the first time ever, a majority of New Yorkers have the chance to vote in PB! That’s a big increase from the 4 districts that took part when my colleagues and I first started PBNYC five years ago.

As I said before, this whole process wouldn’t happen without a team of dedicated volunteers. If you would like to join the PBNYC team — to volunteer at a neighborhood assembly, do outreach, become a Budget Delegate or help at voting sites — fill out this form. We need you!


New to PBNYC this year and want to learn even more? Check out this quick video to learn about how the process works:

About Participatory Budgeting:

The PBNYC process gives New Yorkers the power to decide how to spend tax dollars in our neighborhoods. Over the past fouryears, thousands of you have given your ideas, researched needs, developed proposals, and come out to vote. Based on your votes, we’ve funded 29 great projects throughout the 39th Council district — from libraries to schools. For my 5th year, I'm again committing $1.5 million dollars.

The Participatory Budgeting Process:

Participatory Budgeting is a yearlong process that depends from start to finish on the participation of you and your neighbors. The first step each year is a series of “neighborhood assemblies” where residents come together to brainstorm and share ideas for needed projects. After ideas are presented, volunteers research each idea, including costs and specifics of every proposed project. Details of the suggested projects are reviewed, finalized, and presented at the Participatory Budgeting Expo in the weeks before the vote. Finally, residents from across the district come out to vote for their favorite projects, and together we collectively decide which of the proposed projects will get funded.

Momentum for participatory budgeting has been growing. For the 2015-2016 election 28 districts across NYC (up from 4 when we started) took part. Cities around the country are joining in.

Participatory Budgeting would not be successful without the support of community organizations across New York, including:

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