Brad's Bike-to-Work Day

Brad's Bike-to-Work Day

I had a fun and somewhat sweaty bike-to-work day today that turned out to be more of a bike-for-work day!

First, the kids and I rode to school -- Rosa took the back seat of our child's trail-a-bike (which she cleverly calls a "trandom" bike) and Marek rode alongside me. I then went back home for a business meeting, before scooting over to Holy Name school on 9th Avenue in Windsor Terrace.

At Holy Name school I spoke to Ms. Coyne's third-grade class, who had written to me about issues that they had been discussing as part of their civics class. I spoke with them about the issues that matter to them most -- garbage, pedestrian and bike safety, potholes and pollution. We talked about ways that we can work together to address these issues and we talked about organizing a community cleanup in the future.

Then I rode down McDonald Avenue to Church Ave where I met with representatives of the Department of Transportation to look at ways to create more parking on the eastern side of McDonald Ave between Ditmas and Ave C. The street may be too narrow to accomplish this, but DOT said they would look into it.

On my way back to the district office on 5th Avenue, I ran into an old friend, Ilana Berger, who I worked with at the Fifth Avenue Committee (and who then went on to found FUREE, Families United for Racial and Economic Equality). We chatted for a few minutes, which gave me a chance to catch my breath before I rolled down the hill to my district office (which has a nice bike storage area in our IT closet, making us compliant with last year's Bikes-In-Buildings bill).

Check out where I rode!

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