Thanks & farewell, Deputy Inspectors Pintos & Argenziano

Thanks & farewell, Deputy Inspectors Pintos & Argenziano

On Friday, we learned that the commanding officers of two of our neighborhood precincts -- Deputy Inspectors Raul Pintos (72nd) & John Argenziano (78th) -- are being reassigned to new commands, after strong tours leading the crime-fighting efforts in the neighborhoods of Sunset Park/Windsor Terrace (72) Park Slope (78).

Both of them worked hard to keep our neighborhoods safe, and were good friends to me in my first years in office. I appreciate their efforts and will miss them. 

Deputy Inspector Jesus "Raul" Pintos was born in Puerto Rico and moved the Bronx at age 9. He's a very smart guy, so its hard to believe that he did not graduate from high school ... but easy to believe that when he decided he wanted to sign up for the Police Academy, he studied hard in his neighborhood public library and passed his G.E.D. on his first attempt. He rose through the ranks in the Bronx, making many good arrests & putting his life on the line more than once. He's also a devoted family man.

Recently, Inspector Pintos was in the spotlight as a result of the sexual assaults that plagued the South Slope, Sunset Park, and Windsor Terrace in the summer and fall. I know how personally Raul took those cases, walking the streets himself on the overnight shift many nights, going over the details of every case, and devising the plan of action. And when women in the community came forward to express concern about the sensitivity shown by some of the officers in his command, he listened openly and worked with our community to adjust tactics.

Inspector Pintos is headed to the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau, where I know he'll do a great job. He will be replaced at the 72nd Precinct by Captain James Grant, who we are glad to welcome to the community.

Deputy Inspector John Argenziano has been so committed to the safety of our community that even as commanding officer he regularly made street arrests himself, sometimes even when he was outside of his own command.  In just the past year, he made an arrest in Kensington near Church Avenue, another for a robbery near MS 51 (where a group of older teens had been harassing and robbing younger ones), and most recently an arrest in Prospect Park that relied on his knowledge of the park and his great intuition.  I also loved that once a year, I'd get a chance to see John & his wife looking sharp -- out of his NYPD blues -- at the Prospect Park Gala (check out this picture).

Inspector Argenziano is headed to the NYPD Transit Bureau, where he will rejoin Chief Joe Fox (long-time commanding officer of Brooklyn South, which includes both the 66, 72, 76, and 78th Pcts, who is now the commanding officer of the Transit Bureau).  He'll be replaced at the 78th by Captain Michael Ameri.

On the morning of the funeral of Officer Peter Figoski -- a father of four daughters (who worked the overnight shift in the 75th Precinct in Cypress Hills, to have more time with them) and model cop who was killed last week responding to an armed robbery -- we are reminded that NYPD officers put their lives on the line every single day to keep our communities safe, amidst shootings, robberies, gang wars, and senseless violence. You can read moving tributes to Officer Figoski here and here.

On this solemn morning, as Officer Figoski is laid to rest, and as the holidays approach, let's take a moment to honor his memory, to thank Deputy Inspectors Pintos and Argenziano -- and so many officers who work every day on our streets without recognition -- for their brave and devoted work, and let's put more effort into promoting peace in our communities.