Participatory Budgeting – Turning Your Ideas Into Projects

Participatory Budgeting – Turning Your Ideas Into Projects

Kensington curb

Participatory Budgeting update from Michael Fettman of the Streets & Sidewalks Committee:

What a great feeling. After weeks and months of meetings and learning about the Participatory Budgeting process, going through so many ideas submitted by our friends and neighbors, and learning all about how to maneuver and comply with all the government bureaucracies, we finally got to the point of putting the finishing touches on to the proposals that we are ready to submit for review. Soon, our neighbors will get to give us their input on our proposals, which will be put up for a vote in March to decide which ones will get funded.

The Streets & Sidewalks committee started out with over one hundred project ideas that were submitted to us by constituents. I must say, Brad Lander should be proud to represent this district. We had so many great ideas that we had a hard time narrowing down to just a few projects. We apologize to those people that submitted projects that we didn’t develop, but we hope to get to pursue them all the next time around.

After taking into consideration the amount of times that projects were requested, how much support they got in neighborhood assemblies, and considerations of need, benefit, and feasibility, we narrowed down the list to six projects. Each of the projects was assigned to a different committee member to research.

We are very proud of the legwork done by our committee. We had committee members studying the locations for the projects, taking photos, talking to neighbors, local citizen groups, and collecting data. We discussed our findings with each other, tweaked the ideas and now we are finally ready. I am sure you can’t wait to hear about our final six projects. Make sure to come to the Participatory Budgeting Expo on March 14th so we can present them to you!