We want your ideas

We want your ideas

Two years ago, we tried something new. New Yorkers were given the power to decide how to spend tax dollars on projects in their neighborhood.

That idea, Participatory Budgeting, has been a huge success. Thousands of neighbors have given ideas, joined committees to develop proposals, and come out to vote. Based on your votes, we’ve funded 15 projects. And, even more importantly, we’ve seen a new excitement for local democracy. The New York Times called it “revolutionary civics in action.” And now participatory budgeting has spread to nine City Council districts across the city.

The third year of Participatory Budgeting is starting up. We have another $1 million and need your great ideas. The whole process depends on the participation of you and your neighbors.

Please bring your project ideas to one of the neighborhood assemblies in October. RSVP here for a neighborhood assembly near you. Even if you don't have an idea to submit, please come to be part of the conversation or to learn more about how you can support the process.

This year there will be more ways to give your ideas than ever. In addition to the big “neighborhood assemblies,” we will also have more targeted meetings for seniors, teens, and in other languages. If you want to have a conversation about project ideas with your community group, church, or block association, please invite us! Just send an email to lander [at] council [dot] nyc [dot] gov.

Feel free to send in your ideas by email, phone, or in the mail. Soon, we will launch a website where you can post your ideas and see your neighbors’ suggestions.

Want to relive the excitement? Check out this award winning video about Participatory Budgeting in New York City.

The projects you voted for are already having an impact in our community. This summer, many streets in our district were greener thanks to new street trees funded through Participatory Budgeting. And in Kensington, residents are showing that they understand that the participation doesn’t end when the project is completed - they built tree guards and organized tree care days to keep their neighborhood foliage safe and healthy. Click here for a list of all projects that have been funded through Participatory Budgeting, and where they stand on the road to completion.

 We are going to need a lot of help with the assemblies and the whole process. If you would like to volunteer, either to help spread the word about the assemblies or to facilitate one of the breakout groups at an assembly (or if you can help with something else), please email me at lander [at] council [dot] nyc [dot] gov.