Credit Discrimination Stories

Credit Discrimination Stories


Have you been discriminated against because of your credit history?

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Credit discrimination could happen to almost any job seeker.  These are the stories of job applicants who have been impacted.

Alfred Carpenter has twenty years of experience in upscale retail, but lost his job and health insurance in the recession. When he sustained an injury, he had to use credit cards to pay for his medical bills. Eventually, his medical bills became so hard to pay that he had to file for bankruptcy. During his search for a job, he was repeatedly told by employers that he was more than qualified, but after credit checks were run, he never received a job offer. “It was very devastating,” Carpenter said.

Watch this interview with Alfred Carpenter to hear more about his experience.


Onieka O’Keefe, a member of the Retail Action Project, has four years of retail experience in New York City, and has worked as a manager in her last two jobs. Due to the skyrocketing costs of education, she was forced to drop out of school, and has been working ever since to repay her loans. She recently applied for a full-time managerial position for which she was more than qualified, but her potential employer told her that they would need to perform a credit check because the job required her to handle large amounts of money. “It felt insulting that he was implying that I might be a thief if my credit was bad,” Onieka said. After a credit check was run, the employer offered the position to another candidate and told Onieka to apply for a lower-level, part-time job instead—one that would not pay her enough to take care of her student loans.

Read Onieka's account of her experiences at the Retail Action Project website.


For more stories of New Yorkers struggling with credit discrimination, visit Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project's youtube page.


Have you been denied a job because of your credit history?

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