We are Brooklyn residents working together to defend democracy and human dignity, shine a light on corruption, resist hate and injustice, and love and protect our neighbors from harm posed by the Trump Administration.

Founded by Council Member Brad Lander and Rabbi Rachel Timoner of Congregation Beth Elohimthis group serves as common ground for diverse Brooklynites to build our power together.

We are working with resource-partners and allies to stand up to racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, ableism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia and misogyny. To fight changes that would allow Wall Street to concentrate wealth and run roughshod over consumer protections. To preserve the social safety net that protects so many of us and our neighbors. To protect our planet from the devastating impact of climate change. To defend freedom of the press and voting rights. To strengthen our democracy.

This is a place to spark and take action.

That is why we ask each member to sign the form below, to commit to being an active, engaged and respectful member of #GetOrganizedBK. Take the pledge and receive #GetOrgBK's updates.

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