Get Organized BK!

Test: Get Organized BK! is a group of Brooklyn's progressive individuals, activists, organizations and elected officials working together to resist Trump regime policies of injustice, corruption, and hate.

From Freezing Rain to “Giraffe Power.” #GetOrganizedBK next Tuesday 12/20

The news continues to be as dark and cold as the days. A climate denier to head the EPA. A fast-food CEO who opposes workers’ rights to lead the Department of Labor. Evidence that Russia successfully influenced the election through cyber-spying to elect Trump, sow chaos, and undermine faith in democracy – followed by Trump’s nomination of an oil executive with no diplomatic experience and a disturbingly close relationship with Putin for Secretary of State.

What does it mean? It means we can’t let up.

So, we’re getting together again next Tuesday evening, 12/20 at 7 p.m. for our next #GetOrganizedBK meeting. Please RSVP here.

In the midst of so much darkness, your activism continues to offer much-needed points of light. Over just the past few days: Read more »

2 Upcoming Actions: Standing Together Against Hate in Grand Central, and Ft. Hamilton Stations

From a hate-driven attack on an MTA worker in Grand Central Station, to anti-Islamic graffiti at the Ft. Hamilton subway station in Kensington, to so many heartbreaking instances over the last few weeks, we’ve seen an unacceptable and frightening rise in hate crimes, both citywide and right here in Brooklyn.

This Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, #GetOrganizedBK members are holding two actions to show that our community stands together against hatred and Islamophobia. Join for one or both of these events to say “Not in our city!” and “Not in our neighborhood!”

Sunday Afternoon:
“Not In Our City!” Vigil
Grand Central Station (main concourse)
Sunday, December 11 from 3-4 PM
A great action to join right after the Kids Speak out March in Central Park!

Monday Morning:
“Not in our Neighborhood!” Subway Rally
Monday, December 12 at 7:30 AM
Reeve Place Entrance to Ft. Hamilton subway stop.
Send neighbors off to work with messages letting them know we will not stand for hate, and our neighborhood is for ALL of us.  Read more »

Two bits of inspiration & some next steps for #GetOrganizedBK

Every day seems to include some new darkness (and not only because the days are still getting shorter). So far this week we’ve seen the nomination of a climate-denier to be the EPA Administrator, a segregation-denier for HUD Secretary, a violent attack on a DC pizza restaurant based on right-wing fake news, and a continued stream of hate crimes in NYC.

So I’m feeling the need for some small but bright spots of inspiration. Here are two:

*** Standing Against Islamophobia in Grand Central Station: This past Sunday, some of our very own #GetOrganizedBK actvists (led by Ben Wides and joined by two dozen others, who got started at our meeting last Thursday) organized an impromptu vigil in Grand Central Station, responding to the hateful attack on Muslim Baruch College student, Yasmin Seweid. They got some great press coverage, and made clear that we will not tolerate hate crimes. Thanks for standing up to say #NotInOurCity. Check out this video clip of their beautiful action.

***City Council Passes a Resolution Affirming NYCs Status as Sanctuary City: On Tuesday, the City Council (of this historically immigrant city) overwhelmingly passed a resolution affirming that despite President-elect Donald Trump's senseless (and probably unconstitutional) threats, NYC will remain a sanctuary city for our immigrant residents. I was proud to co-sponsor the resolution, along with Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and Immigration Chair Carlos Menchaca (who many of you met last Thursday). Right afterward, Carlos went up to Trump Tower to deliver the resolution to the President-elect.

Read more »

Stay connected to #GetOrganizedBK

Last night we saw another meeting of truly tremendous organizing at our second #GetOrganizedBK gathering. More than 700 people got busy in 15 breakout groups. Standing in solidarity with our immigrant neighbors. Electoral organizing. Fighting Trump Administration corruption and conflicts-of-interest. And many more.

The smarts, strategy, and willingness to roll-up-sleeves in our community is powerful. People have continuously dived right in, facilitated, started making action plans, and committed themselves to this cause. It's clear that passionate, moral, urgent organizing to resist the Trump regime has the potential to engage like nothing since the civil rights and anti-war movements.

Big thank you to Council Member Carlos Menchaca, Assembly Member-elect Robert Carroll, Rabbi Rachel Timoner and Congregation Beth Elohim, Rabbi Ellen Lippman, Mark Winston Griffith, and so many people who stepped up as leaders both last night, and for the long haul.

We’ll follow up with more specifics from last night’s meeting soon, including reports from all the different committees, but in the meantime we’re going social! To follow up on the work of the first two #GetOrganizedBK meetings and to stay on top of upcoming actions and events join the newly lauched #GetOrganizedBK Facebook group (and invite your friends to join as well). We want it to be a hub for individuals, activists, organizations and community leaders to join together in our resistance.

We’re also hard at work planning our next meeting. I hope you’ll be able to join us on the evening of Tuesday, December 20th for our 3rd #GetOrganizedBK meeting:

The 3rd #GetOrganizedBK Meeting
Tuesday, December 20 at 7 PM
Congregation Beth Elohim
Corner of Garfield and 8th Ave, Brooklyn NY

-Brad Read more »

Next #GetOrganizedBK Meeting: Thurs, December 1st

At our first #GetOrganizedBK meeting on November 15th, over a thousand people turned out to show that our community will not stand idly by. We will not “normalize” white supremacy, yield to Islamophobia in our subways or anti-Semitism on our playgrounds, or become accustomed to policies rooted in racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and misogyny.

Unfortunately, President-elect Trump has already given us many reasons to resist – from his nominations of Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions, to the corrupt ways he apparently sought approval for a building project in Argentina that he stands to profit from, to engaging in Twitter-fights with the cast of Hamilton and the New York Times, while failing to condemn hate-crimes committed in his name (and in our neighborhood).  

After Thanksgiving, we’ll be getting together again to roll up our sleeves and start planning the work, strategy, actions, and events that will sustain our energy and build momentum for our resistance to policies of injustice, corruption, and hate. I hope you’ll join us: Read more »

Support our immigrant neighbors with a Thanksgiving contribution

The election of Donald Trump has made this a fearful time for many of our immigrant neighbors, especially in Sunset Park and Kensington. We are committed to working closely together with these communities in the days ahead.

Together, we can make work to sure our immigrant communities feel welcomed. We can provide legal assistance, and perhaps even put ourselves on the line with them if the time comes. Big thanks to everyone who attended the Day of Unity and Solidarity in Sunset Park yesterday sponsored by Council Member Carlos Menchaca.

Here’s what you can do today: At yesterday's Unity Festival, more than 130 families signed up (for the first time) to ask for help with their Thanksgiving meal. Council Member Menchaca is working with the Center for Family Life to make sure they get the help they need. But it's going to cost $6,500, and we need to raise it right now. Read more »

Get Organized BK! #RegisterMeFirst in Solidarity with Muslims (and more!)

As our allies and friends around the City continue to organize, we want to keep you posted on urgent actions and upcoming events.

First Action of the Day: #RegisterMeFirst

President-elect Donald Trump wants to require all Muslims to register in a government database, violating civil rights and fundamental American Constitutional protections on freedom of religion. If he does, all of us – Jews, Christians, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, and everyone else – must pledge to register as Muslims on day one. #RegisterMeFirst

I urge you to join me in pledging to sign up on the first day the registry is open, whatever our religion, ethnicity, national origin, or background, by signing this petition

This Sunday (11/20): March in Solidarity with our Immigrant Neighbors Read more »

Get Organized BK! Next Steps (for today: #DumpBannon)

More than a thousand people joined together at our #GetOrganizedBK town hall on Tuesday night, to begin the transition from mourning the election results to acting on them. We committed to working together in strategic ways to resist Trump’s agenda and defend our deeply American values.

It was a powerful evening, We heard from smart, steadfast, compassionate and diverse speakers who helped us prepare for focused and sustained resistance. We took seriously what we must do to show up for New Yorkers facing hate-speech and hate-crimes welling up in our streets, subways, and schools. We cheered on inspiring young people. We built strategies to move forward with our neighbors. We sang America the Beautiful.  And we restored some of our faith in community, love, and democracy.

For those of you who weren’t able to join us (we’re sorry for the poor live-stream quality), you can watch the full event here, check out a few of the pictures and quotes here, or read about it in City Limits and BKLYNERRead more »

Follow Up Information from #GetOrganizedBK Speakers

Speaker/Organization Follow Up Information:

Here’s the follow-up information from the organizations represented at #GetOrganizedBK: Read more »

Let's Get Organized. This Tuesday Evening.

UPDATE: We've reached capacity for this event (more than 1,000 people have already RSVP'd). But you can still join us online via Facebook Live, and participate/ask questions using the website or app (details below).

Many of us are still in shock and mourning from the election result. And it will take time, both to analyze what happened, and to deal with very real fears and such deep sadness.

But we also have an obligation to roll up our sleeves and get to work: to do all we can to defend the things we know are right, to protect those who are vulnerable, to stand together in focused resistance, and to fight for the future we believe in.

Here in my district, we are doing what we can to get started. Read more »