Jobs & Economic Development

New York City needs job policies that makes work pay for New Yorkers, and build a fair economy for all of us. By guaranteeing paid sick leave for all workers, supporting the rights of independent and low-wage workers, retaining good jobs that are pathways to the middle class like manufacturing, and reforming low-road economic development subsidies so they create living wage jobs, New York can regain its place as the largest engine of economic mobility for the United States.

Brad Lander Hungry For Better Food Policy

Carroll Gardens Patch

Just over a week ago, the New York City Council voted in five impressive pieces of legislation designed to help ensure more New Yorkers have access to healthy, fresh, locally grown foods produced in New York State and contiguous states. Our own Councilmember Brad Lander, representing both Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill, co-sponsored four of the five bills. Read more »

Support Striking Verizon Workers

Today, Verizon workers are entering the second day of their multi-state strike. In total, 45,000 members of the Communication Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers walked off of the job after Verizon pushed unacceptable concessions and refused to budge. Read more »

Shop Local Brooklyn 39

Shop Local bannerWe encourage members of our community to patronize independent, locally owned, neighborhood shops, restaurants, cafes and stores.  Local businesses provide goods and services with a personalized touch, keep jobs and money flowing in our community, contribute to support local causes, and help keep our neighborhoods vibrant and livable.  

Please take a minute to check out our "Shop Local" resources: Read more »

Give New Yorkers a Living Wage

New York Daily News Op Ed

New York City spends billions of taxpayer dollars annually to subsidize new shopping centers, office buildings, stadiums and other projects. These create jobs, but often not very good ones: Workers at retail stores, concession stands and cafeterias often earn as little as $8 an hour, without benefits. They scrape by, struggling to raise families.  A City Council proposal would ensure that jobs created via taxpayer-subsidized development projects pay a living wage of at least $10 an hour. If developers want taxpayer subsidies, they should offer decent wages. Read more »

Statement from Councilmember Brad Lander on Mayor Bloomberg's Proposed Closing of E220 Fire Company at 530 11th Street

"I was angry to learn this afternoon of the proposed closing of the FDNY Engine 220 fire company at 530 11th street in Park Slope -- one of 20 fire companies that Mayor Bloomberg is proposing to close as part of this year’s budget. Read more »

The Progressive Caucus's Response to the Mayor's Budget

Below is the New York City Progressive Caucus's response to the Mayor's budget. The Mayor has not listened to the many, many New Yorkers who asked for millionaires to pay a fair share, and has instead decided to yet again balance the budget on the backs of the city's families by cutting vital services. However, my colleagues in the Progressive Caucus and I will continue to fight for a fairer, more equitable New York City. Read more »

Become a Kensington Teen Battle Chef!

Are you a high school freshman, sophomore, or junior with leadership ability and a desire to learn more about healthy cooking? Know someone who is? The Kensington Teen Battle Chef program is for you!

In partnership with GrowNYC’s Youthmarket and the non-profit organization Family Cook Productions, my office will be bringing a youth-run farm stand to Fort Hamilton Parkway between East 4th Street and East 5th Street this summer. Read more »

Kensington Youthmarket/Be a Kensington Teen Battle Chef!

In partnership with GrowNYC’s Youthmarket and the non-profit organization Family Cook Productions, my office will be bringing a youth-run farm stand to Fort Hamilton Parkway between East 4th Street and East 5th Street this summer.

The farm stand will operate every Saturday from July 9th to October 29th, with 6 students paid $10 an hour to run the stand during that time period. Before becoming Youthmarket employees, students will receive training through Family Cook Productions’ Teen Battle Chef program. Read more »

Why We Still Can't Wait

Why We (Still) Can’t Wait.
Rabbi Andy Bachman & NYC Councilmember Brad Lander

Forty-three years ago this month, our nation watched the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. The images were seared into our minds, along with the sense that our nation had lost a beacon of hope in the ongoing struggle for racial and economic justice. Though he had lived to see many important advances and constitutional guarantees for all Americans regardless of race or creed, Dr. King was murdered before he had made much progress toward another vitally important goal: economic justice. Read more »

A note on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

100 years ago today, in a building off Washington Square, 146 Jewish and Italian immigrant seamstresses died because their employer cared more about a few extra pennies of profit than about their lives. The tragedy sparked a movement for the rights of workers that helped bring many of the legal protections and safety standards that we take for granted today. Unfortunately, 100 years later, we’ve still got a long way to go.

Read more »