Public Education

Effective public education, in elementary, middle and high school, is essential to preparing our children for success. The schools of the 39th Council District have some of the city's best teachers, principals and parent leaders, and we need to do everything we can to make sure they are supported in the crucial work that they do.

New School Year, and Some New Staff

Despite the hurricane and the earthquake, I hope you had a great end to the summer and are looking forward to the new school year, as New York City’s public schools start this morning.

There are, of course, many pressing political debates surrounding public education – budget cuts, class size, overcrowding, high-stakes testing, accountability, achievement gaps, curriculum, special education, parent involvement – that I’ll have more to say about as the year goes on, and that I look forward to hearing about from many of you. Read more »

Check Out the New Mural!

Groundswell mural
Kensington Prospect

Editor's Note: Councilmember Brad Lander is happy to have provided funding to help Kensignton youth paint this wonderful mural on Church Avenue.


The new mural on East 5th Street at Church Avenue was unveiled yesterday at a ceremony featuring folks from the Groundswell Community Mural Project, the Department of Transportation, and some people from the community who helped make it happen. Read more »

Brad Lander Hungry For Better Food Policy

Carroll Gardens Patch

Just over a week ago, the New York City Council voted in five impressive pieces of legislation designed to help ensure more New Yorkers have access to healthy, fresh, locally grown foods produced in New York State and contiguous states. Our own Councilmember Brad Lander, representing both Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill, co-sponsored four of the five bills. Read more »

Video: Funding for Classrooms At Beth Jacob and Gan Centers Fully Restored

Vos Iz Neias


Borough Park, NY - City Councilmembers Brad Lander and David Greenfield announced that funding for Borough Park’s Beth Jacob Day Care Center and Gan Day Care Center has been fully restored.  Half of the classrooms in these centers had been targeted for cuts under the budget proposed by the Bloomberg Administration earlier this year. Read more »

Quite a night!

The wheels of government were busy turning last night, in Albany and at City Hall:

Marriage equality: a historic step forward
I’m deeply proud to be a New Yorker today.  Marriage equality means that so many of our friends will know that their state doesn’t view their love as inferior, that many of our kids’ friends will know that we don’t think there’s something inadequate about their LGBT parents, and that LGBT kids won’t grow up thinking there’s something to be ashamed of.
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The Education Mayor? Some Local Schools Think Not

Park Slope Patch

At a rally that drew nearly every South Brooklyn school to Grand Army Plaza on Friday afternoon, hundreds of protestors issues myriad complaints against Michael Bloomberg’s proposed budget cuts to New York City’s public schools.

Councilmember Lander encouraged the kids to organize, calling 311, tweeting, signing letters, handing out flyers and marching down Prospect Park West to inform the Celebrate Brooklyn goers of the woes of the New York City school system. Read more »

Join Me in Protesting Teacher Layoffs and School Budget Cuts!

I'm holding a rally for public schools this Friday, June 10th at 4:00 p.m. at Grand Army Plaza. We’ve only got a few weeks left to persuade Mayor Bloomberg that we simply cannot afford to lay off teachers, increase class size, eliminate specialists, and undermine our public schools. Schools from throughout our communities are mobilizing. We’ll gather at Grand Army Plaza at 4 p.m. Read more »

The Kensington/Windsor Terrace Team Battle Chef Program is Under Way

As I announced earlier this year, I am very proud to be sponsoring a new program for teens in the Kensington/Windsor Terrace area. Read more »

The Progressive Caucus's Response to the Mayor's Budget

Below is the New York City Progressive Caucus's response to the Mayor's budget. The Mayor has not listened to the many, many New Yorkers who asked for millionaires to pay a fair share, and has instead decided to yet again balance the budget on the backs of the city's families by cutting vital services. However, my colleagues in the Progressive Caucus and I will continue to fight for a fairer, more equitable New York City. Read more »

Children left behind? Plan to slash 6,300 seats in boro day care hits parents hard

Anneris Nieves, with her kids, frets over Shirley Chisholm cuts
New York Daily News

Brooklyn parents would lose 6,326 seats under the proposed cuts [to child care], the most in the city....Councilman Brad Lander (D-Park Slope) noted working families will feel the brunt of the cut, since the city is legally required to fund child care for families on public assistance.

"It's penny wise, pound foolish," he said. "If some of these families can't go to work because they lose child care, then we'll have to pay for their child care anyway."

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