Social Justice

Whenever one group is treated differently or denied protection under our laws, it undermines the foundation on which our country was built. Discrimination, whether against two people who love each other and want to marry, against a family whose only transgression is wanting to make a better life for their children in American, or against a religious institution seeking to locate near one of the most contested sites in the city, is patently un-American. The City Council should act as force against hate and intolerance, as well as fighting to bring those who live in the shadows more fully into our society.

Statement on Community Safety Act Negotiations

Council Members Jumaane D. Williams (D-Brooklyn) and Brad Lander (D-Brooklyn), lead sponsors of the Community Safety Act, released the following statement regarding the status of ongoing negotiations over the legislative package. The act comprises a set of bills aimed at advancing NYPD accountability and improving police-community relations. Read more »

Elected Officials Call for Extension of 50’ Height Limit to Save LICH and Protect Cobble Hill

Brooklyn, NY – Today, Brooklyn elected officials called on the Bloomberg Administration to extend Cobble Hill’s existing 50’ height limit to cover the Long Island College Hospital (LICH) campus, in order to help save LICH and protect Cobble Hill. Read more »

Taking the dream forward

Tomorrow we commemorate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama’s second term as President.  This year also marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” in August 1963.

We’ve come a long way, of course, but have so far to go, toward Dr. King’s dream of a nation that judges people by character rather than skin color, toward a “more perfect union,” toward a nation that lives out the true meaning of our founding ideal of equality.

There are so many ways to be part of this struggle.  Read more »

Inspector General for the NYPD

Independent oversight would help the NYPD work more efficiently and effectively, while also ensuring that our civil liberties are protected. Read more »

Council passes resolution on DC fiscal debate

Lander Welcomes City Council Resolution Calling for a Federal Fiscal Deal that Prioritizes Broadly-Shared Prosperity

City Councilmember Brad Lander issued the following statement in response to the City Council’s vote in favor of a resolution calling for a Federal deal on long-term debt reduction that would avert short-term damage to an already struggling economy, minimize additional burdens on middle and low income families, and prioritize broadly-shared economic recovery:

As President Obama and Congress continue negotiations to avert the “fiscal cliff,” we need a deal that promotes economic fairness and long-term, broadly-shared prosperity. That means repealing the Bush-Era Tax Cuts on the wealthiest households, protecting the social safety net, and investing in job creation and the nation’s infrastructure. Read more »

Hundreds Attend Raoul Wallenberg Street Co-Naming

Vos Iz Neias

Hundreds attended a street co-naming ceremony today, at noon on 13th Avenue in Borough Park in honor of great humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg, who saved more than 100,000 Hungarian Jews from the Nazis during World War II. Read more »

Remembering Jon Kest, a lifelong fighter for justice

I’m thinking very powerfully today about Jon Kest, who passed away last night after a months-long battle with cancer (and just a month after the heart-rending loss of his daughter Jessie Streich-Kest who was killed during Hurricane Sandy). When I first moved to New York City 20 years ago, one of my first job interviews was with Jon, for a position as an organizer with ACORN. While I didn’t wind up in that job, I’ve been deeply honored to be following Jon’s lead in struggles for justice for two decades. Read more »

In the Press: Lander named one of "50 Young Progressive Activists Who Are Changing America"

Huffington Post

New York City Council member and former community organizer Brad Lander [is] among the many young politicians who serve as the progressive movement's key allies inside the world of politics.

Read more »

Audio: Credit Checks on Job Applicants

The Brian Lehrer Show

Brooklyn City Councilman (D-39) Brad Lander talks about a proposal he's co-sponsoring to ban the use of credit checks during hiring in New York City. Plus,Emmett Pinkston talks about how an error on his credit report disqualified him for a job with the Transportation Security Administration two years ago.

Crime Stat Manipulation in NYPD Targeted by Report

City Councilmember Brad Lander calls for creation of NYPD Inspector General to investigate evidence of widespread crime statistic manipulation by the NYPD

Today, City Councilmember Brad Lander released a mini report (below) that overviews the evidence of crime statistic manipulation in the NYPD, and calls for an NYPD Inspector General to investigate. The mini report is the second in a new series, called “Investigation Needed,” which is highlighting unresolved controversies around NYPD policies that have never received independent investigation. Read more »