Check Out the New Mural!

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Check Out the New Mural!

Groundswell mural
Kensington Prospect

Editor's Note: Councilmember Brad Lander is happy to have provided funding to help Kensignton youth paint this wonderful mural on Church Avenue.


The new mural on East 5th Street at Church Avenue was unveiled yesterday at a ceremony featuring folks from the Groundswell Community Mural Project, the Department of Transportation, and some people from the community who helped make it happen.

The mural, which is on the side of the building that houses Connie’s Cafe, is called “React, Respect, Intersect.” It’s designed to promote traffic safety while reflecting the diverse neighborhood we live in. Lead artists Yana Dimitrova and Adam Kidder worked with several young people on the project, who get paid for their time and learn job skills that can help them create public art in the future.

Through blazing sun, rain, and an earthquake, the artists worked on the two-story mural with the help of many volunteers from the neighborhood, who either picked up a paintbrush, provided food and drinks, or voiced encouragement as they passed by.

“The longer we were here, the more we saw from people in the neighborhood,” said Kidder. “Everyone was so welcoming, we felt like we became a part of the neighborhood.”

The building’s owners, Marjorie and Jacob Marciano, are two of those welcoming neighbors. Marjorie said the old wall attracted a lot of graffiti, and she hopes people will treat the mural with respect. We do too. Everyone in the neighborhood can all be a steward of this work–if you haven’t yet, go and take a look at it, and you’ll see the work that went into it.

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