Councilman Lander Fights To Restore Child Care Slots

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Councilman Lander Fights To Restore Child Care Slots

Councilmember Lander at Bais Yaakov day care center in Boro Park--May 13, 2011
Vos Iz Neias?

Brooklyn, NY - Bais Yaakov Day Care Center, located at 1363 46th Street, Brooklyn, New York, was visited by Councilman Brad Lander on Friday, May 13. The purpose of his visit was to galvanize and unify efforts to fight the mayor’s proposed child care cuts that threaten to reduce Bais Yaakov’s existing 8 classes to 4 classes.Councilman Lander visited classrooms of the day care center. The children prepared songs and jingles to greet the Councilman and to ask him to help saving their center. They prepared arts and craft keys that would “enable” the Councilman to save the program. Councilman Lander explained the children that he will go to Mayor Bloomberg with their message and will fight for the program.

Over 50 parents came to the question and answer session that took place in Beth Yaakov’s library. Councilman Lander explained the process of how the City’s budget is enacted and that he is committed to fight against the disproportional cuts that Bais Yaakov Day Care and the Orthodox Jewish community faces, saying “Upon visiting the Day Care classes I realize over and over the vital service to both the parents and children that this program provides and the injustice to the community by eliminating the already reduced child care slots” stated Councilman Lander upon taking leave. 

Photo Credit: Vos Iz Neias?

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