2018 PBNYC Ballot

2018 PBNYC Ballot

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2018 Participatory Budgeting Ballot (District 39)

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Capital Projects (Vote for 5) 

Parks and Environment

1. Harmony Playground Improvements

Cost: $450,000
Description: Install shade structure over sandbox and replace non-working playground structures with viable equipment.
Location: Prospect Park Bandshell @ 10th St.  

2. Senior Fitness Playground

Cost: $400,000
Description: Install playground-style exercise equipment for senior citizens and the less able-bodied.
Location: Prospect Park near 9th Street  

3. Resurface the Soccer Field in Albemarle Playground

Cost: $500,000
Description: Replace damaged, hazardous turf in this widely used soccer field, shared by students at PS 230 and the Kensington community.
Location: 12th Avenue and Dahill Road


4. Replace Derelict Kindergarten Sinks at PS 282

Cost: $200,000
Description: Replace rusty sinks and splintered cabinets that pose a health/safety hazard to 5-year-olds and after-school communities
Location: Lincoln Place between 5/6 avenue

5. Renovate John Jay Library into Communal Space

Cost: $250,000
Description: Transform old library into a community meeting & classroom space by installing 5 large screen monitors and sound system. 
Location: John Jay Campus, 237 7th Avenue

6. Get smarter with SMART Boards at P.S. 131

Cost: $200,000
Description: Smart Boards will bring interactive lessons to 24 classrooms in high needs schools helping meet diverse learning needs. 
Location: 4305 Fort Hamilton Pkwy

7Make P.S. 118 Schoolyard Accessible and Safe

Cost: $200,000
Description:  Replace broken gate, enabling growing school to utilize playground as its only communal, ADA-accessible space
Location: 211 8th Street @ 4th Ave

Arts, Culture and Community Facilities

8. Outdoor Community Space for Borough Park Library

Cost: $400,000
Description:  Activate Borough Park Library’s exterior areas with a plaza renovation and garden space
Location: Borough Park Library


Expense Projects (Vote for 3) 

Parks and Environment 

1. Eco-Film Series and Hands On Upcycling Events

Cost: $10,500
Description: Series of 5 films to educate about impacts of plastics on the environment with workshops about repurposing plastic.
Location: 5 locations in District 39

2. Study of Endangered Bats in Prospect Park

Cost: $7,600
Description: Conduct scientific study about endangered bats in Prospect Park, which are critical pollinators and pest-eaters.
Location: Prospect Park

3. Solar Panels for South Brooklyn Children’s Garden

Cost: $10,620
Description: Install Solar panel system to bring electricity to South Brooklyn Children's Garden which currently has no supply.
Location: SBCG, Columbia Street and Sacket Street

4. Celebrate Earth Day with Gowanus community

Cost: $12,000
Description: Fund Gowanus Canal Conservancy to host community Earth Day event focused onnative plants, compost & green practices
Location: DSNY Salt Lot, 2 2nd Ave

5. Tool Sharing Consortium for District 15 Schools

Cost: $3,500
 Description: Old Stone House will purchase and store assorted tools for workshops and gardening activities at district schools
Location: Old Stone House, 336 3rd Street


6. iPads to support P.S. 77 students with autism

Cost: $6,909
Description: iPads will help students with autisms build language and communication skills, and support social/emotional learning
Location: P.S.77, 62 Park Pl

7. PS 133 Garden Irrigation and Winterizing System

Cost: $5,533
Description: Installation of irrigation and winterizing systems to enable water conservation and year-round gardening
Location: P.S. 133, 610 Baltic Street

8. Outreach Plan for Elementary School Diversity

Cost: $15,000
Description: Hire coordinator to assist 3 non-zoned elementary schools with an outreach plan to achieve diversity-in-admissions goals.
Location: PS 372, PS 146 and PS 133

Arts, Culture and Community Facilities

9. Media Lab at Park Slope Women's Shelter

Cost: $14,000
Description: Outfitting the 100-bed women's shelter at the Park Slope Armory with new computing and photography equipment.
Location: Park Slope Women’s Shelter,1402 8th Ave

10. Women’s Self-Defense for the Resistance

Cost: $5,400
Description: Series of workshops for immigrants, Muslim women and their allies to focused on self-defense techniques.
Location: Kensington

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