88 Prospect Park West Fire

88 Prospect Park West Fire

I have been doing a lot of communicating about troubling developments at the national level, but today I am writing to share about an incident closer to home. This past weekend, a fire broke out in the basement of 88 Prospect Park West, destroying four apartments and temporarily leaving the building without hot water, electricity and plumbing. For now, none of the residents can return to their homes.

While we are grateful that no one was injured or worse, this is a tremendously difficult time for many of our neighbors. Most immediately, the residents of 88 Prospect Park West have created an email address for anyone interested in making a contribution or offering assistance - 8688neighbors [at] gmail [dot] com

In the longer term, there are several individuals who will be out of their homes for the next couple of months (mostly families of 2-4 with some pets). They are seeking places to stay in the neighborhood, so if you have available space or an open AirBnB unit, please be in touch!

From the local response to Hurricane Sandy in 2012 to more recent gestures of solidarity coming out of #GetOrganizedBK, I am grateful to know that this is the kind of community that moves quickly to action in times of need. We will be in touch with any new information as we know it.

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