Connecting Brooklyn to Governors Island

Connecting Brooklyn to Governors Island

Governors Island has become a great NYC destination – with magnificent parks, historic forts and buildings, a vibrant arts and culture scene, the Harbor School (a NYC public high school), and some delicious food – right in the heart of New York Harbor. Last summer, for the first time ever, the island remained open 7 days a week.

Unfortunately, for most Brooklynites, it still wasn’t very accessible. If you want to change that, please sign our petition.  

Even though the island is geographically closer to Brooklyn, the City only provides year-round daily ferry service from Manhattan (7 days during the summer when the island is open on weekends, 5 days in the off-season). But from Brooklyn, you can only get to Governors Island on weekends, and only in the summer.

That’s a real disadvantage for Brooklyn residents: potential students of the Harbor School (who are currently required to get to Lower Manhattan each day to catch the ferry), artists who could apply for affordable space residencies on the Island, little-league teams who need ball fields, and residents seeking the open space, walks through history, impressive views, and tranquil atmosphere the island affords.

So when Mayor de Blasio announced his intention to expand NYC’s ferry service in his State of the City, we assumed a Brooklyn-to-Governors-Island link would be in the plan. Unfortunately, it’s not … at least, not yet.

That’s why my colleagues and I have called on Mayor de Blasio to add daily ferry service between Governors Island and Brooklyn to the City’s plan.

If you think Brooklyn deserves equal access to Governors Island, I encourage you to sign our petition, (and forward this e-mail to friends and neighbors too).

Even if you don’t yet frequent the island, or only go there on summer weekends yourself, expanded ferry service to Brooklyn is necessary for future economic development on Governors Island. There needs to be a reliable way for more businesses, workers, and customers from all parts of New York to get there – last summer alone Governors Island saw 476,000 visitors.

I support daily service between Brooklyn and Governors Island, and I hope you will too.

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