Council passes resolution on DC fiscal debate

Council passes resolution on DC fiscal debate

Lander Welcomes City Council Resolution Calling for a Federal Fiscal Deal that Prioritizes Broadly-Shared Prosperity

City Councilmember Brad Lander issued the following statement in response to the City Council’s vote in favor of a resolution calling for a Federal deal on long-term debt reduction that would avert short-term damage to an already struggling economy, minimize additional burdens on middle and low income families, and prioritize broadly-shared economic recovery:

As President Obama and Congress continue negotiations to avert the “fiscal cliff,” we need a deal that promotes economic fairness and long-term, broadly-shared prosperity. That means repealing the Bush-Era Tax Cuts on the wealthiest households, protecting the social safety net, and investing in job creation and the nation’s infrastructure.

With stagnant median income and the highest level of economic inequality seen since the 1920s, it’s important that our leaders reach an equitable and just deal for Americans as a whole. The wealthiest Americans receive an ever-larger share of national income and pay an ever-smaller percentage of taxes while millions of families are unable to afford basic necessities. Any budget deal must repeal the Bush-Era Tax Cuts on the wealthiest households.

At the same time, we must protect Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the social safety net. These programs are central to the vitality of the middle class and keep millions of Americans out of poverty. We cannot turn our backs on the most vulnerable among us.

Finally, it’s crucial that our leaders in Washington are mindful of the vulnerable economic recovery still ongoing around the country – especially in the wake of physical and economic damage from Hurricane Sandy. Federal investments in infrastructure, job creation, and education are essential to the nation’s future prosperity.

Under the leadership of Speaker Christine Quinn and Finance Chair Domenic Recchia, the City Council has put these values first as we have balanced New York City’s budget. Thank you to them, and Committee on State and Federal Legislation Chair Helen Foster for prioritizing this issue in the City Council.

Now is the time to negotiate a deal that averts economic downturn while creating jobs, promoting fairness, protecting our most vulnerable, and investing in our nation’s future.

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