Five things you can do to help stop gun violence

Five things you can do to help stop gun violence

Enough! After the killing of those 20 beautiful children in Newtown, it is time for us to come together to restrict access to guns, ban assault weapons, expand background checks, and take other steps to end gun violence.


Sign this petition calling for improved and expanded background checks

Sign this petition calling on President Obama and Congress to restrict access to guns

Sign this petition from Mayors Against Illegal Gunds demanding that President Obama and members of Congress release a plan to end gun violence.

Sign the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence pledge to take action against illegal guns in your community


Share this poster on Facebook and Twitter.


Contribute here to support Stop Handgun Violence.


Become a member of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence

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Watch this video discussing whether guns should be regulated like automobiles.

Read statements from elected officials about the need for gun control. 

Read this press release from Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Participatory Budgeting

What does your neighborhood need? An improved park? Safer streets? New school technology? In participatory budgeting, you give your ideas and City Councilmember Brad Lander has set aside $1 million to fund them. And your votes will decide which projects get funded.

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