Get Organized BK! #RegisterMeFirst in Solidarity with Muslims (and more!)

Get Organized BK! #RegisterMeFirst in Solidarity with Muslims (and more!)

As our allies and friends around the City continue to organize, we want to keep you posted on urgent actions and upcoming events.

First Action of the Day: #RegisterMeFirst

President-elect Donald Trump wants to require all Muslims to register in a government database, violating civil rights and fundamental American Constitutional protections on freedom of religion. If he does, all of us – Jews, Christians, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, and everyone else – must pledge to register as Muslims on day one. #RegisterMeFirst

I urge you to join me in pledging to sign up on the first day the registry is open, whatever our religion, ethnicity, national origin, or background, by signing this petition

This Sunday (11/20): March in Solidarity with our Immigrant Neighbors

This Sunday, Councilmember Carlos Menchaca and our neighbors in Sunset Park have asked us to join them in a Day of Unity and Solidarity. Now more than ever we must stand with our immigrant friends, families and neighbors. I urge you to come join me for this event, to show your solidarity, lend support and stand up for NYC’s immigrant communities.

They will be gathering at noon at 5th Ave and 44th Street and marching to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church at 545 60th Street, where there will be Unity Festival with food, music and games kicking off at 1pm.

Call Senator Gillibrand’s Office’s Office Today to #DumpBannon

This is an easy call that you can make today. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's office is taking a concerned citizens' tally so she can use it on the floor against Bannon. She is asking for more calls! Her New York City Office number is: (212) 688-6262

Save the Date: Saturday, December 10th: Children’s March for Kindness on International Human Rights Day

Are you looking for a way to get your children engaged in this organizing work? Our friends and neighbors are organizing the Children’s March for Kindness, to be held on Saturday, December 10th. December 10th is International Human Rights Day. The march is being organized as a way for children to create a safe space to take positive action and stand up for their own values -- alongside their families -- in the aftermath of the election. We will be back in touch with more details about the event as we learn more.


P.S. For those of you who attended or watched our Get Organized event on Tuesday night and heard Amy Rutkin's smart and strategic remarks on the role of Congress in this struggle, those thoughts are now available on Congressman Jerry Nadler's web site

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