#GetOrganizedBK Leader Highlight: Jen Friedlin

#GetOrganizedBK Leader Highlight: Jen Friedlin

Jen Friedlin at Free Press Rally in February. 

Every week, we'll be highlighting a #GetOrganizedBK leader to show you insight on the actions they're planning, the work they're doing, and more. These will be highlighted in our weekly #GetOrgBK newsletters. 

This week, we're highlighting Jen Friedlin from our Free Press working group. 

What’s your role within #GetOrganizedBK and why did you decide to join the movement?
I facilitate GOBK's Free Press Working Group, which seeks to support a free press, encourage media that reports fact over fiction, and promote the work of Get Organized BK and its working groups.

Besides organizing for Free Press, what else do you do? Job wise? Hobby wise? Life wise?
I have a marketing business, Hungry Marketing. We work with businesses and non-profits to define and promote their organizational message. I am also a mom of 10-year-old twins, who keep me pretty busy. This year, I'll run the NYC marathon -- my first -- as part of the Sandy Hook Promise team.to raise money for gun control.

With everything happening – why does a free press matter? Why should every day Americans care/pay attention?
The activist and politician Andrew Young said, “Without truth there can be no Democracy.” Yet, President Trump has waged an unrelenting war on truth and the arbiters of it – the media. 

Beyond that we are seeing a climate in which violence against journalists is tolerated to an unsettling degree. Over the past few weeks, American journalists have been attacked and arrested simply for doing their job -- asking politicians questions. Then just a few days ago a report came out that said that the GOP is actually planning to malign the media as part of their effort to win seats in 2018.

Every American should be concerned that the President views the institution that protects our Democracy as an enemy to be destroyed.

What work is the Free Press group doing to protect/defend the free press?
Over the past few months, the Free Press Group has organized rallies, advocated for media literacy laws, and landed GOBK in leading news outlets. The Free Press Group will be holding an upcoming panel discussion, "Truth or Trump? Democracy and the Free Press," at the next GOBK meeting on June 12. We hope that the panel will give us plenty more ideas about actions we can take to protect and defend the media.

What’s your favorite protest chant or sign?
Democracy Dies in the Darkness sums it up!

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