Honoring the Life of MTA Worker Louis Gray

Honoring the Life of MTA Worker Louis Gray

Two months ago, MTA employee and father of three Louis Gray was tragically killed while conducting track maintenance at the Church Ave F/G subway station in Kensington. Louis’s maintenance partner Jeffrey Fleming was seriously injured in the same incident. Louis was a Bushwick resident who had been working with the MTA since 2001 and recently achieved his dream of becoming a conductor.

Sadly, this was not an isolated incident for workers in our city. Since 1933, 223 Transit Workers have been killed in the line of duty and in 2015 alone 1636 Transit Workers were injured seriously enough to be unable to work. And as the New York Times noted last month, workplace deaths reached a six-year high last year. These deaths are especially common in non-unionized industries, such as construction. We saw another tragic death in the days just before Christmas when a 30-year old non-union construction worker fell three stories down an elevator shaft.

So I hope you will join me and members of the Transportation Workers Union for a memorial to remember the life of Louis Gray, to give thanks for the transit workers, and other workers who put their lives on the line every day, and to call on the MTA and all employers to make worker safety paramount.

When:  January 11, 2017 7:00pm
Where: Corner of Beverley Road and Church Avenue (above the station where Louis was killed)

As Central Labor Council President Vinny Alverez said recently “all workers deserve to return home safely after a day on the job, whether that job is on a construction site, operating a train or a bus, caring for patients, washing cars or anywhere in between.”

We owe Louis, and everyone else who tragically died this year, as much.

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