Join Environmental Groups & Elected Officials to Save NYC's Bring Your Own Bag Law

Join Environmental Groups & Elected Officials to Save NYC's Bring Your Own Bag Law

New York City, Feburary 5th -- Environmental groups and elected officials will gather at New York City Hall today to call on the Assembly, Senate and Governor to Oppose Assembly Bill No. 4883 and Senate Bill No. 4158, which would nullify NYC’s Bring Your Own Bag Law -- the CIty’s thoroughly-vetted, democratically-adopted, easy-to-follow, environmentally-sound, Bring Your Own Bag Law.

Sunday, February 5th
1:00 p.m.
City Hall, NYC

Press Contacts:
Jennie Romer, Plastic Bag Laws, jennie [at] plasticbaglaws [dot] org, (510) 685-1575
Jordan Levine, NYLCV, jlevine [at] nylcv [dot] org, (212) 361-6350 x 206
Annie Levers, Council Member Brad Lander, alevers [at] council [dot] nyc [dot] gov, (201) 341-1993

Every year, New Yorkers throw away 10 billion plastic bags – made from petroleum, adding up to nearly 100,000 tons of plastic solid waste, trucked to landfills at a cost of millions (and too often wind up in our trees, storm drains, and oceans).

The City is finally ready to do something about it. The City Council's “Bring Your Own Bag” law (which will require stores to charge 5-cents for single-use bags, to help people bring reusable ones instead) is set to go into effect on February 15. Bring Your Own Bag Laws have been successfully adopted in hundreds of cities, states, and countries. People of every race, religion, national origin, and income have all proved capable of bringing reusable bags.

Unfortunately, the State Assembly appears set to go along with the GOP-controlled State Senate to nullify the City's law, despite having no alternative solution.

Albany’s dubious effort to nullify New York City’s law is opposed by every environmental group in New York, as well as the editorial boards of the Daily News, New York Times, Newsday, Crain’s, and the Albany Times Union.

More on NYC's Bring Your Own Bag Law here.

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