Let's Get Organized. This Tuesday Evening.

Let's Get Organized. This Tuesday Evening.

UPDATE: We've reached capacity for this event (more than 1,000 people have already RSVP'd). But you can still join us online via Facebook Live, and participate/ask questions using the Sli.do website or app (details below).

Many of us are still in shock and mourning from the election result. And it will take time, both to analyze what happened, and to deal with very real fears and such deep sadness.

But we also have an obligation to roll up our sleeves and get to work: to do all we can to defend the things we know are right, to protect those who are vulnerable, to stand together in focused resistance, and to fight for the future we believe in.

Here in my district, we are doing what we can to get started.

Yesterday, I joined over 100 of our Muslim neighbors from the Bangladeshi community in Kensington after Friday prayers at a moving community rally. While there is great fear, of course, there was also a profound spirit of unity, and a strong will to work together. (The whole thing is worth watching – but I especially urge you to watch the speech of the remarkable Hasiba Haq, which starts around 21:00. If a young Muslim woman can find a way to show resolute optimism right now, we can all find ways to organize together).

This Tuesday night in Park Slope, I hope you’ll join us for a community conversation about how we can prepare for the Trump presidency, and get organized to defend the progress we’ve made and the values we hold.

Let’s Get Organized: Preparing to resist threats to our ideals
Tuesday, November 15 at 7:00 PM
Join us online via Facebook Live.
Participate/ask questions via Sli.do website or app.
RSVP here for the Sli.co event code.

We have to accept the results of the election (despite the fact that Trump lost the national popular vote, and in fact received fewer actual votes than Mitt Romney or John McCain did in their losing campaigns).

But we must not accept or “normalize” attempts to gut our core American ideals.

  • Trump has proposed to deport the DREAMers and ban Muslims from entering the country. So we’ll start working with the New York Immigration Coalition on how we resist, to keep this a city and a nation that welcomes immigrants. 
  • He has announced his intention to defund Planned Parenthood, appoint Supreme Court justices to overturn Roe v. Wade, and gut women’s access to health care. So we’ll work with Planned Parenthood NYC on how we resist, to keep this a city and a nation that protects reproductive rights.
  • He plans to repeal President Obama’s Executive Orders on climate change, a nightmare for the world we want to hand to our kids. So we’ll work with leaders of the climate change movement on how we resist, to keep this a city, a nation, and a planet we can live on.

We’re working to recruit other allies and resource-partners as well – so we can join in the fights to protect LGBTQ Americans, to fight changes that would allow Wall Street to concentrate wealth and run rough-shod over consumer protections, and to stand up to the racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and misogyny that has characterized so much of his campaign.

We’ll also make space for people in our community to share their work, so that we can keep building connections, and talk about how we can build our strength moving forward.

If you are participating online, you might want to get together with a few people to watch/participate, so you can talk to each other at points in the program. This work will not be easy, and it will take real effort to sustain our energy through the setbacks we are sure to face. We're going to need to build community and strengthen our relationships for the long struggle ahead, as we seek to channel our anger and our pain into powerful, compassionate, and organized action. 

Online and off, this is the kickoff of a community organizing effort (linked to many others), as we prepare to defend the progress we’ve made, people we care about, and the values we hold dear.

Let’s get started.


P.S. You might enjoy this piece by Teju Cole, on why this is “A Time for Refusal.” I don’t know about you, but I would prefer not to turn into a rhinoceros. So please join us Tuesday night.

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