NYPD Crash Investigation Policy Changes

NYPD Crash Investigation Policy Changes

Statement by Council Member Brad Lander on NYPD Announcement of Changes in Crash Investigation Policies

I welcome Commissioner Kelly's steps to make sure that traffic crashes that result in serious injuries get an actual investigation. If these policies were already in effect, the crashes that claimed the lives of Clara Heyworth and Stefanos Tsigrimanis would likely have gotten a serious investigation.

In a city where traffic crashes kill as many people as are murdered by guns, reducing traffic fatalities and injuries must be a top priority, and the NYPD has an important role to play here through investigations and enforcement.

As the lead sponsor of the Crash Investigation Reform Act (Int-900-2012), which aimed to bring about these kinds of changes, I am pleased that the NYPD is taking this first step towards tackling the serious issue of traffic crashes.

I look forward to working with the Police Department, my colleagues in the Council, and street safety advocates to make sure this new policy is implemented successfully, and to find additional ways to prevent crashes through proactive enforcement and education.

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