PB Committee Tackles Flooding at Subway Station

PB Committee Tackles Flooding at Subway Station

Participatory Budgeting update from Tracy Turner of the Transit Committee:

We were delighted to hear the announcement from Catherine Zinnel of Councilmember Brad Lander’s office that they were able to get various city agencies (Department of Parks, Sanitation, and Environmental Protection) to commit to cleaning up the area outside the Ft. Hamilton F/G subway entrance. We applaud the great strides that Councilmember Lander’s office has made with this recent announcement. This is indeed a triumph!

Through the newly implemented and innovative Participatory Budget process, residents of four Council Districts - including Brad Lander’s District 39 - are recommending how to spend approximately $6 million of public money. (To learn more about the process, see pbnyc.org). As part of the Participatory Budget process, we are a committee of four who, over the past few months, have been working with Mr. Lander’s staff to study how to remedy the various situations occurring outside the southern entrance of the F/G subway station at Ft. Hamilton Parkway.

Our Transit Committee would like to go beyond the much-needed maintenance of that area and achieve some structural changes that would address the fundamental issues that create the problem. For example, the pitch of the sidewalks does not adequately lead to the drainage, so we are proposing the installation of drainage trenches (about 6” across and run the width of the sidewalk. To prevent much of the run-off, we propose that the fencing be replaced, the ground turned over and reseeded and proper curbing built up. This will go far to eliminate the mud flats that accumulate under the overpass. In addition, we are exploring anti-slip coatings for the sidewalks because, even with clean and working drains, if there is any precipitation and when it is lower than 32 degrees, those slopes are always going to be treacherous.

We are also proposing netting barriers to the pigeons roosting spots under the overpass and better signage to identify the subway entrance.

Our committee welcomes any and all suggestions, photographs, professional opinions, observations and even personal horror stories. This will help solidify our proposal and make for a more powerful presentation in order to win funding to help this problem area. Please send your comments to fixfthamilton [at] gmail [dot] com. Our community deserves a safe and clean entrance to its subway station

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