You might not hear from me for awhile.

If you’re on this list, you know I send out a lot of e-mails. I hear from some of you that you appreciate the news, events, and opportunities to get involved in our community (and, ok, from some others that it can get to be a little much from time-to-time ). Read more »

Organics Recycling + Avenue C Plaza + Dome Playground = Summer in K/WT

Dear Windsor Terrace & Kensington Neighbors,

Summer is upon us! Along with some hot weather, here are three great things the new season is bringing to Kensington & Windsor Terrace:

Curbside Organizing Recycling Coming to Windsor Terrace & Kensington Read more »

Protecting our democracy. On Monday, and every day.

We are living through a time when the basic features of our democracy feel under threat.

When the former FBI director reports that he wrote memos after every meeting with the President, because he expected him to lie. When the evidence is mounting that the President obstructed justice, to prevent an investigation into whether his campaign colluded with a foreign country to undermine our election.   Read more »

#GetOrganizedBK Leader Highlight: Jen Friedlin

Jen Friedlin at Free Press Rally in February. 

Every week, we'll be highlighting a #GetOrganizedBK leader to show you insight on the actions they're planning, the work they're doing, and more. These will be highlighted in our weekly #GetOrgBK newsletters.  Read more »

Here’s what your neighbors are saying about Gowanus. What about you?

“The historic landmark bridge is fantastic – one of my favorite parts of the neighborhood.”

 “A volunteer-run emerging office complex with gallery & studio space, plus woodworking, printmaking & metal shops for artists and fabricators. Cool stuff happens here.” Read more »

A few highlights from NYC’s FY 2018 budget

After months of negotiation and advocacy, the City Council voted today to approve the $85.2 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2018.

In Washington DC, Trump & the GOP have proposed budget cuts that would abandon the most vulnerable Americans, undermine public education, and neglect public infrastructure. In NYC, we will not go along with Trump-led austerity. Our budget invests in our communities, in our kids, in our seniors, in the public and social infrastructure that our city rests upon. Read more »

A remarkable educator, helping kids (including this one) be their best selves

It’s not easy for any of us – at least, I know it’s not for me – to make changes in who we are, to build our muscles of empathy and compassion, to grow into our better selves. And there’s a big debate about whether “character” can or should be taught in our public schools.

My mom’s remarkable career as a public elementary school guidance counselor leaves me no doubt that it can and should. As she retires this month, I want to take a minute to appreciate the enormous difference she’s made in the lives of thousands of kids and families. Including my own. Read more »

Statement of City Council Members Brad Lander & Ritchie Torres on the NYC Department of Education’s Plan for “Diversity In NYC’s Public Schools”

June 6, 2017
New York, New York

The Department of Education’s “Diversity in NYC’s Public Schools” plan is a serious start to a decades-overdue effort to curb school segregation in New York City. We have a long way to go to achieve systemic change. Read more »

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