Nevertheless, they persisted. We will, too.

I was distressed to wake up this morning to news of ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) raids in cities across the country.

Our Local Progress colleague Greg Casar, a city council member in Austin, TX reached out to let me know about raids taking place in his community. Greg has led the way in making Austin (and the surrounding Travis County) into a sanctuary city, refusing to hand over immigrants in local jails to ICE for possible deportation.

The Washington Post reported raids in at least 6 states last night. It’s clear that many of those rounded up have no criminal records. The result: “panic and terror … running through many immigrant communities,” according to Make the Road NY. And that, of course, that is exactly what the Trump regime is aiming for. Read more »

Overwhelming Support for NYC’s "Bring Your Own Bag Bill" // Request for Governor Cuomo to Veto Pre-Emption

New York's environmental and climate justice groups, labor unions, good government organizations, local elected officials around NYS, business leaders & editorial boards overwhelmingly support New York City’s "Bring Your Own Bag Law" and urge Governor Cuomo to veto state legislation (A.4883/S.4158) which would unfairly pre-empt NYC's new law. Read more »

Contact Governor Cuomo TODAY to Save NYC's "Bring Your Own Bag" Law

This is our last chance to save NYC's Bring Your Own Bag Law. Governor Cuomo will make his decision in the next few days. 

Please call or write Governor Cuomo TODAY and ask him to VETO A. 4883S. 4158 and allow NYC to implement our Bring Your Own Bag Law. And please share this message and encourage others to do the same.

Contact information and suggested messages are below. Read more »

Statement from Council Members Brad Lander and Margaret Chin in Response to NY State Assembly’s Passage of Bill that Nullifies NYC’s “Bring Your Own Bag” Law

City Council Members Margaret Chin and Brad Lander join advocates in appeal to Governor’s Good Environmental Record

 We are disappointed with the Assembly decision to ignore the unified voice of New York’s environmental, climate justice and neighborhood groups -- at the very moment the federal government is rolling back environmental protections. We appeal to Governor Cuomo to help us reach a compromise that would allow New York City to try out this effective, common-sense strategy for dealing with the 10 billion plastic bags that pollute our trees, oceans and landfills every year.

 Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, New York State has emerged as a national leader on environmental policy. We hope that Governor Cuomo will see the value of New York City’s democratically elected law, which is consistent with his progressive track record on environmental policy. 

Read more »

Join Environmental Groups & Elected Officials to Save NYC's Bring Your Own Bag Law

New York City, Feburary 5th -- Environmental groups and elected officials will gather at New York City Hall today to call on the Assembly, Senate and Governor to Oppose Assembly Bill No. 4883 and Senate Bill No. 4158, which would nullify NYC’s Bring Your Own Bag Law -- the CIty’s thoroughly-vetted, democratically-adopted, easy-to-follow, environmentally-sound, Bring Your Own Bag Law. Read more »

New York’s Environmental Groups Overwhelmingly Oppose Albany’s Plan to Nullify NYC’s "Bring Your Own Bag" Law

New York’s environmental organizations are overwhelmingly opposed to efforts in the New York State Legislature to overturn NYC’s Bring Your Own Bag Law. Here's what they have to say about it: Read more »

Editorial Boards Oppose Albany Effort to Preempt NYC's Plastic Bag Law

The editorial boards of the New York Daily News, New York Times, Albany Times Union, Crain's New York Business, Newsday, and AM New York all support NYC's "Bring Your Own Bag" Law, and oppose efforts by the New York State Legislature to overturn and pre-empt it: Read more »

Lead sponsors of NYC’s “Bring Your Own Bag” bill appeal to NYS Assembly not to nullify the City’s thoroughly-vetted, democratically-adopted, easy-to-follow, environmentally-sound law


New York City Council Members Chin, Lander, Reynoso, Richards make clear that the City Council stands ready to address technical issues the Assembly has raised in negotiations. The City’s law is set to go into effect on February 15th, and should not be pre-empted (either temporarily or permanently).    Read more »

Help NYC Develop a Citywide Transit Plan

As NYC grows, we urgently need thoughtful planning to improve our public transportation. So I’m very pleased that the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) is working with us to do just that. Read more »

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