Remarks from Eugene Agbimson, Brother-in-Law of Ngozi Agbim

Remarks from Eugene Agbimson, Brother-in-Law of Ngozi Agbim

Eugene Agbimson, Brother-in-Law of Ngozi Agbim, had the following remarks at an event honoring her life and calling for a pedestrian solution at the intersection where she lost her life crossing the street.

It is with great sadness that I stand in front of you today on behalf of my brother, Silas Agbim and his children to address you on the sudden and needless loss of our wife, mother, sister and grandmother Ngozi Agbim.

Addressing you so soon after this shocking death is very difficult. As a family, we are yet to make sense of all this. My brother, her husband, Silas is devastated and obviously cannot be here today.

Their Children, Uchenna and Ikenna are shattered and in total disbelief.

We just do not understand how is it that a God fearing and loving mother would die in such a manner walking back from a church service.

This is very difficult, but it is also very rewarding. It allows me to reflect on her life, her dedication to the service of God and her lifelong committed to the less privilege.

After retiring as department head at CUNNY, where she served for over 30 years in academia, she was until her death the president of the Harambee USA foundation. An international foundation dedicated to supporting projects aimed at training and empowerment through sustainable educational and developmental initiatives in sub Saharan Africa; and in the United States to education people of all ages to recognize the richesness and complexity of African culture.

Her death like her life is now a beacon – a rallying point for change.

  • Change of the dangerous intersection that took her life.
  • Change in the regulations governing the operation of these monster vehicles very close to highly populated residential area.
  • Change in the traffic configuration in areas such as here where Ngozi lost her life senselessly.

Our family thanks you for your presence and large turn out here today to honor Ngozi’s life.

  • We support the call and the request for Change that you seek.
  • We stand with you to say No more!
  • No more will some other mother, sister, brother, father, or child die because of negligent roadway design.
  • No more should any person, old or young die as a result of inattentive driving.

Before I close, our family asks that you please keep us in your prayers and to remember our dearly departed sister – Ngozi.

She was a wonderful person and she had qualities that made her so special.

We miss her very much.

Thank you! Thank You!

For the family

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