Rowing together toward a sustainable future for the Gowanus Canal

Rowing together toward a sustainable future for the Gowanus Canal

Cleaning up the Gowanus Canal has been a top community priority for many years. With the US EPA’s Superfund plan nearly finalized, we are moving closer to a cleaner canal. I’m glad to be working together with so many in the community — and joining some of you in a canoe race on the Canal this Saturday to call attention to our continued efforts.

This is an important moment for Gowanus — and one we need to build upon. While the Superfund process is a major step toward a cleaner community, there is more that needs to be done. We need public investment in sustainable infrastructure and flood mitigation measures to protect our neighborhoods from the next Hurricane Sandy.

Earlier this week, the City issued a report outlining recommendations to limit the impact of climate change along our coasts. One of the recommendations called on the US Army Corps of Engineers to investigate the feasibility of a local storm surge barrier at the mouth of the Gowanus Canal. I appreciate the consideration given to the challenges facing Gowanus and look forward to seeing a study on the storm surge barrier proposal.

With sea levels rising, we each need to do our part to stem global warming and create more resilient communities. I believe we should move forward together to develop a comprehensive plan for the infrastructure, amenities, and land use regulations needed for a safe, vibrant, and sustainable area around the Canal.

This Saturday — as part of our effort to keep the focus on cleaning up the still-highly-polluted waters — I will be taking part in the Gowanus Challenge, a canoe race down the length of the Gowanus Canal. I’ll be racing with the “Super Fun Sewer Rats” to raise funds for the Gowanus Dredgers, a local nonprofit that provides waterfront access and public education programming. If you’d like to support the Gowanus Dredgers by sponsoring our team, please click here and be sure to enter “Super Fun Sewer Rats” under "designation."

I hope to see you tomorrow to cheer all of the canoers on! And I look forward to working with you toward the sustainable future we want for our community in the months and years ahead.

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