Snow Day Update

Snow Day Update

The “bomb cyclone” is hitting NYC a few hours later than predicted – but it’s still likely to have a big impact. The National Weather Service is predicting that 4-8” will fall over the next few hours, and freezing temperatures will be with us for several days.

If you can stay off the streets today, please do so. It’s safer for you, and it makes it much easier for snow-plows to clear the streets, and emergency vehicles to respond to any problems. As you know, NYC Schools (and after-school programs) are closed today. We expect them to be open tomorrow. We’ll keep you updated.

Since the Snowpocalypse of 2010 the NYC Department of Sanitation and the City Council have done a lot to make sure NYC responds effectively to whatever winter weather comes our way. New York City has a good Severe Weather Update website which is the best source for up-to-date information on City operations.

DSNY workers (led by our neighbor, Commissioner Kathryn Garcia) have been hard at work since last night, spreading salt and deploying plow. A big thanks to them, and to the NYPD officers, fire-fighters, and other City workers who are working extended shifts to keep us safe. You can track the progress of City snow plows here (even right to your front door). And you can learn more about DSNY’s snow-storm protocols here.

If you have problems with unplowed streets, downed tree limbs, or unsafe conditions, your first call should be to 311 (either by phone or online) so the request can get to the relevant city agency as soon as possible. My office is then very happy to follow up on requests (if you can, please include the 311 ticket number, which helps us follow up effectively)You can call us at (718) 499-1090, e-mail us at lander [at] council [dot] nyc [dot] gov, or use the online form on the Council website. We’ll also stay in touch via e-mail, my websiteTwitter & Facebook

A few other things that may be helpful to know.

  • Subways and buses are running, but many routes are delayed or altered. Check for more detailed information. NYC Ferry service is cancelled today.
  • All scheduled trash, recycling and organics collections are suspended because of snow clearing operations.
  • Alternate Side Parking will be suspended Thursday & Friday to facilitate snow removal. Parking meters will remain in effect.

Especially in this frigid weather, it’s important to check in on elderly neighbors to see if they need a little help. If you are willing to shovel for a nearby neighbor, or if you need some extra help shoveling (or know someone who does), please fill out this matching form from my office (or, if you don’t do online forms, give us a call or an e-mail). No promises, but we will do our best.

The snow should taper off by this evening, but it is going to be frigidly cold through the weekend (with wind-chills that could be even colder than over New Year’s), and things are going to stay frozen. So please plan accordingly. Feel free to share your reading, binge-watching, indoor-activities-with-the-kids or winter recipe suggestions on my Facebook or Twitter pages.  

Stay warm, and stay safe.


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