So much work, so little time! PB committee seeks best projects for Brooklyn

So much work, so little time! PB committee seeks best projects for Brooklyn

PB culture and community facilities committee meeting

Participatory Budgeting Update from Lizzette Gonzalez of the Culture & Community Facilities Committee

On Thursday, December 8, 2011, the Culture & Community Facilities Committee of the Participatory Budgeting Project met at PS 58 in Carroll Gardens to discuss which of the many projects proposed at public meetings in the fall we should pursue with further research.

The projects delegated to our committee included libraries, community spaces, public art, community wi-fi, soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

To narrow our focus, we debated the various proposals utilizing criteria such as demand, feasibility, cost, and the local and District-wide impacts of the projects. Michael Freedman-Schnapp from Brad Lander’s office joined our meeting to provide us with explanations regarding why some of our proposed projects have are more likely to be feasible than others. Our committee facilitator, Caron Atlas, suggested the possibility of collaborating with other committees who are proposing similar and/or complementary projects.

To dig in deeper on each of the selected projects, we formed sub-committees for each of the aforementioned topics. Each subcommittee will visit potential project sites and to report back to the full committee at its January meeting. It is a challenge to do all the necessary research and decision making in the upcoming month, but we are all excited to be part of such a groundbreaking endeavor!

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