Statement on Board of Standard and Appeals Vote to Approve the New York Methodist Hospital Expansion

Statement on Board of Standard and Appeals Vote to Approve the New York Methodist Hospital Expansion

Earlier this week the Board of Standards and Appeals voted to approve New York Methodist Hospital’s plan to create a new outpatient care center. While I know some neighbors of the hospital remain strongly opposed to the expansion, I support the BSA’s decision. I have been persuaded that NYMH needs to expand outpatient services on its Park Slope campus to remain a strong community hospital.

The severe challenges facing our community hospitals in Brooklyn are no secret. Long Island College Hospital failed, in part, because management failed to innovate and manage the transition to providing greater ambulatory care aligned with the hospital facility. I do not want to see the crisis of LICH repeated at Methodist. 

Over the past year, NYMH invited feedback from the community at numerous forums, and made a number of meaningful revisions as a result of that input – most notably eliminating a patient entrance on 8th Avenue, reducing the height of the building along 8th Avenue, and shifting the bulk of the new building towards the existing hospital buildings on 6th Street.

I understand that these revisions have not satisfied everyone. I have attended every public forum, and met extensively with neighbors and opponents. Like you, I am eager to preserve the character of Park Slope, address traffic and parking issues, and keep our streets safe. So, while I support the expansion, I am fully committed to give voice to community concerns as they arise. My office will continue to work with neighbors, our partners in government, and the hospital leadership to develop long-term solutions to operational issues, especially traffic safety and congestion.

Toward this end, my office convened a NYMH Traffic Task Force last year. Our next Traffic Task Force meeting will take place in July. At this meeting, we will review the steps taken to address issues identified at the three task force meetings held in October, November, and December. Specifically, the hospital will present the results of an employee survey (administered this spring) and share ideas to reduce the number of employees commuting by car. We will also provide updates on curbside regulations, ambulance idling, and pedestrian safety.

Please contact Hannah Holland (hholland [at] council [dot] nyc [dot] gov (hholland [at] council [dot] nyc [dot] gov), or 718-499-1090) in my District Office if you are interested in participating in the NYMH Traffic Task Force, or have other questions or feedback on the Methodist expansion.

Thank you, as always, for sharing your opinion with me. Even when we don’t agree 100%, I value the passion that neighbors feel for Park Slope and appreciate when people join together to make their voices heard.

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