Statement on Development Plan for the Pavilion Theater

Statement on Development Plan for the Pavilion Theater

I am distressed by Hidrock Realty’s plan – reported this morning in the Real Deal – to close our neighborhood movie theater, the Pavilion, for luxury housing. The Pavilion is a long-time local fixture, open to neighbors of every generation. My family has enjoyed countless movies there, and our kids have been able to walk there with their friends. Even in its somewhat-faded glory, the Pavilion is a part of growing up and being a family in Park Slope.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Park Slope Civic Council and many local activists, the Park Slope Historic District was recently expanded for the first time in 30 years—and now includes the theater building. The Historic District provides special protections – administered by the Landmarks Preservation Commission – to preserve the building’s exterior.

Unfortunately, those protections only cover the exterior of the building, not the movie theater business itself. Still, we had hoped that Hidrock Realty would be good to their word, when they told the Park Slope Courier back in 2006 (when they purchased the building) “There’s no merit to ever thinking that it might be a conversion,” and reported that the movie theater operator had a lease through 2022, with two additional 10-year options. It is deeply disappointing that they appear to be going back on their word.

The loss of our neighborhood movie theater for twenty-four high-end residences would be a sad blow to Park Slope. We will explore all options to save the theater.

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