Tell Governor Cuomo & NYS DOH that they must not abandon PPR seniors – Protest Monday AM

Tell Governor Cuomo & NYS DOH that they must not abandon PPR seniors – Protest Monday AM

It’s been a long and frustrating fight for the seniors still living at Prospect Park Residence (PPR), but it’s not over yet. Unfortunately, we learned today that Governor Cuomo and the NYS Department of Health are proposing to abandon them.

Please join us Monday morning to show your support for our elderly neighbors.

Rally in Support of Seniors at PPR
Outside Brooklyn Supreme Court
360 Adams Street
Rally at 9:00 AM
Court hearing at 10:00 AM

From the beginning, the Department of Health has failed to protect the elderly residents of PPR from the rapacious greed of building owner Haysha Deitsch. They approved his closure plan in secret. They allowed Deitsch to bring new residents in (and take big one-time upfront payments) even after they knew they were going to approve the plan. They have sided with Deitsch against the residents on motion-after-motion in court. And – most gallingly – despite appeals to Governor Cuomo and the Health Commissioner, they consistently failed to prevent Deitsch from withholding services (even heat and hot water), providing inadequate food and lighting, and acting in other ways to pressure frail and vulnerable seniors into leaving their homes.

Only the consistent work of Judge Wayne Saitta, the residents’ great legal team, and some help from the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development have kept the heat and lights on for the handful of residents who continue to live there – one of whom is a Holocaust survivor, and most of whom are over 90 – despite a year of pressure and withholding services.

Now, Governor Cuomo and DOH are proposing to abandon those remaining seniors altogether.  

Two weeks ago, Judge Saitta appointed a “temporary receiver” to operate PPR, so that the seniors who remain in the building are well cared for while the legal battle continues. No surprise here, but the morally bankrupt owner, Haysha Deitsch, is refusing to pay for these services.

In other cases, the NYS DOH has agreed to advance funding to the receiver. And they could certainly do so in this case, knowing they would be repaid when the building is sold (Deitsch is in negotiations to sell the building for over $75 million). But DOH is refusing to advance any funding to enable the receiver to take care of the building, even though they are the ones that asked for the receiver in the first place!

Instead, they are proposing that if Deitsch doesn’t put up the money upfront (which they know he won’t), then PPR should be closed and the remaining residents forced to move against their will.

This proposal from DOH and Governor Cuomo is appalling, is a moral failure to our seniors, and gives Deitsch exactly what he wants.  

Tell Governor Cuomo and the Health Department that they must not abandon our elderly neighbors – instead, they must follow through on their own proposal, advance funds to the receiver to operate the buildings safely, recoup that funding when the building is sold, and allow the residents to have their court case heard.

Together, we must show that our community won’t stand by idly and watch our vulnerable seniors continue to be mistreated. Please help spread the word about Monday’s rally. Your presence and strong show of support can make a difference.

Thanks for continuing to stand for justice.


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