Update from the Car Wash Picket Line

Update from the Car Wash Picket Line

The car wash workers at Vegas Auto Spa in Park Slope are still on strike – but today they have some good news to share. This afternoon (in an official election moderated by the National Labor Relations Board) the workers unanimously voted to unionize. This is an important step forward in their struggle for fair wages, better working conditions, and being treated with dignity.

Many of you helped make this possible – by contributing over $10,000 to support their strike fund (in response to our request over the holidays). This support from our community had made it possible for these courageous car-washeros to get by while they have been out on strike for the past two months. The workers have told me how grateful they are to our community for this support. Thank you for standing up for justice.

But even as we celebrate today’s victory, the workers are still unsure of their future. The owner still hasn’t offered them a fair contract, or even paid them the wages (totally several hundred thousand dollars) that he stole from them over the past few years. So their strike continues.

As before, I urge you to not use the carwash and to spread the word about the abusive practices of the owner – until these newly-unionized workers have a fair contract. If you can, join the workers on the picket line (and congratulate them on their new union membership!)

For daily updates on the picket line, check the following Facebook group.

Thanks for your support, and for continuing to stand in solidarity. 

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