We won’t let him destroy our kids’ planet (or their country).

We won’t let him destroy our kids’ planet (or their country).

Some things we want for our kids: A good education. Their health. A country they can be proud of. A planet to live on.

Who knew we’d be battling the President just to preserve their basic democratic inheritance? It’s “covfefe” (in my youth we called it “fubar”).

By leaving the Paris Climate Accord, Trump is not just spitting on the rest of the world (though he is doing that, to be sure, since the U.S. is the largest historic emitter of greenhouse gases). He is playing Russian roulette (pun very much intended) with our kids’ future.   

We can’t let him do it.

One bright spot: in just the past 24 hours, a coalition of cities, states, businesses, and universities have stepped up, committing to honor the Paris agreement, together (thanks to former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg for organizing it). I’m hoping New York City will help lead the way, by becoming the first city to mandate retrofits for larger buildings, to reduce their energy & fossil fuel consumption. That would be a powerful form of #ClimateResistance.

I know it’s exhausting ... but it is on us to keep up the fight. So I hope you can join your #GetOrganizedBK neighbors (details for all events below)...

For tomorrow’s “March for Truth.”

For Sunday’s Nationwide “Die-In for Health Care” led by our own #GOBK Safety Net Working Group (special shoutout to Bryony Romer, Liz Jones, and Ellen Freudenheim for their inspirational work) alongside Action Together, CT.  We can’t forget that in a DC-backroom, Senator Mitch McConnell and 13 men (no women at all) are presuming to decide the fate of 23 million Americans who will lose their health insurance if TrumpCare passes. New York’s Die-in has confirmed their location and will be taking place on Sunday. We must remind Senators that the decision they’re making will literally sentence many Americans to their deaths.

At Sunday’s #NotInOurCity vigil which responds to the homophobic attack on a lesbian couple on the Q train. They also created a handout that addresses both the hate crime & the rise of white nationalism as seen in Portland.

RSVP now for our #GOBK full group Meeting focusing on the “Free Press.”

RSVP now for our #GOBK Civic Festival on Sunday, June 25th.  It’s going to be great and a celebratory time!

And plenty more (details below).


P.S. With everything going on, I do want to take a moment and say Happy Pride Month! While our President might be silent on June’s significance -- let it be known to our LGBTQ+ community, that you are loved and appreciated. 

#GetOrganizedBK Community Board

ONGOING: Brooklyn Deep Community Journalism Project, Brooklyn Movement Center is a tremendous local partner working on racial justice and social justice, recently launched a kickstarter to support their Brooklyn Deep project focused on community journalism. They’ll make sure communities are able to tell their own stories and will tackle uncomfortable, complicated topics like gentrification. Learn more here.

ONGOING, Safety Net Defense Group needs your help to support the New York Health Act, a bill creating a single-payer, universal health care system that would guarantee coverage for every New Yorker (medical, dental, vision, mental, reproductive care, and prescriptions, with no copays or deductibles, lowering costs in 98% of households). The bill has passed the Assembly and is only ONE Senator away from a majority in the state Senate. To endorse the bill and learn how you can help it pass the Senate before the legislative session ends in late June, visit www.nyhcampaign.org. To contact your NY State Senator & other key legislators, go to www.passnyhealth.com.

And to get more information about planned Brooklyn-area call-ins, rallies, canvassing and other actions relating to the bill in the coming weeks, contact group facilitator Morgan Moore at certifiedmorganic [at] gmail [dot] com.

SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 9 AM-12 PM: March for Truth NYC, Foley Square, nationwide demonstrations are happening to call for urgent investigations into Russian interference in the US election and ties to Trump and his administration. Confirmed speakers include Congresswoman Nydia Velaquez, Congressman Jerry Nadler, Common Cause Exec. Director Susan Lerner, and actress Rosie O’Donnell. RSVP here.

SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 11:45 AM: New York Die-In for Healthcare, Plaza 33, protest as part of a Nationwide Die-In for Healthcare. Join your neighbors to oppose Trumpcare and demand affordable healthcare for all. RSVP here.

SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 3 PM: Vigil to Stand Against Hate Crimes and White Nationalism, Grand Central Terminal, on May 20, a lesbian couple were victims in a homophobic attack. One woman was beaten unconscious. Stand with #NotInOurCity against this hate crime and the rise of white nationalism across the nation. RSVP here.

TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 7 PM: Water for Grassroots: A work team to support grassroots organizing in swing states. Join a new group that’s part of #GOBK’s Civic Activism effort. They’re working with national networks like the Center for Popular Democracy, People’s Action, and Movement2017.org to raise funds for community organizing in swing states. More details here.

THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 9-10 AM: Kids Activism Day! From the Daytime #GetOrganizedBK team, Dizzy’s Diner, bring yourself and your kids to Dizzys on 5th, for some social activism over pancakes and coffee.

A short program for the week will be hosted by children as much as possible. Information provided will be for all ages, topics to include getting to know who represents us in government, and the importance for everyone to have access to great education. RSVP here.

MONDAY, JUNE 12, 6:30-9:30 PM: Full Group Meeting, Protecting a Free Press in Trump Era, Congregation Beth Elohim, join us for our next full group meeting as we focus on what we, as media consumers & producers & citizens -- to protect the fundamental freedom of the press in this “age of doubt. Working groups to follow after. RSVP here.

MONDAY, JUNE 12, 8 PM: Bystander Intervention Training, Congregation Beth Elohim, after the Free Press Panel, join the Center of Anti-Violence Education, as they teach you how to respond to the increase of harassment and actual hate crimes seen in New York. Limited to 40 people. RSVP here.

SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 3-6 PM: #GOBK’s Civic Festival, Prospect Park Bandshell,  this festive civic gathering will be an opportunity to highlight the ongoing work of our members, bring new people into the movement and offer a glimpse of the deepening of resistance work into longer-term community-building. Hear from citywide and national leaders, testimonials from activists across generations, activities, entertainment, tabling & activism opportunities by #GOBK working groups, partners, and sponsors, and more. RSVP here.

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