What to know before it snows

What to know before it snows

If weather predictions are correct, we are in for a lot of snow this evening and tomorrow. I wanted to share what I know about city services to help you prepare.

My staff has been in communication with the Sanitation garages in our district. They have begun salting our streets and are preparing to plow once the snow starts. When many of us will be at home and warm, Sanitation and many other City workers will be on the streets keeping us safe. Thank you to each of them.

Alternate side parking and garbage pickup are suspended tomorrow. To check the latest city updates during and after the storm, visit nyc.gov.

If you have problems with unplowed streets, downed tree limbs, or unsafe conditions, please report them to the City. Your first call should be to 311 (either by phone or online) so the request can get to the relevant city agency as soon as possible. If you would like my office to follow up on a request, you can use the online form on my website or call my staff at (718) 499-1090.

For more information, please visit:

These severe weather events can be challenging, but also compel us to each do our part to keep our neighbors and selves safe. Stay off the roads when possible to keep them clear for plows. And while you are shoveling your sidewalk, think about any elderly neighbors who may need help shoveling theirs.

Stay warm!

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