Wondering what happened to that project?

Wondering what happened to that project?

I’ve worked hard to bring more transparency to the New York City budget process each year. Thanks to Participatory Budgeting NYC, you can weigh in on the City Capital projects you want to see.  Thanks to new rules that I championed, and that the City Council adopted last year, you can get more information than ever about all the projects we fund.

However, once City Capital projects are funded, it’s still not easy to keep track of project timelines and see when winning projects get finished.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about our new Capital Projects Tracker, an online map and database that allows you to see the status of every project I’ve funded since first taking office in 2010.

Our interactive map shows the latest information about City Capital projects (infrastructure investments in things like transportation, parks, libraries, and schools) that I have allocated funding to, both through Participatory Budgeting NYC and through other discretionary funds. You can see which projects are complete, the current status of projects that are still in progress, and other useful information including the year of funding, project costs, and images and videos about each project.

Remember those decrepit schools bathrooms at PS 124? They were renovated back in 2013. The renovation of Dome Playground? It’s underway, and will be finished by next summer. The new compost facility near the Gowanus Canal? Well, that one’s going to take a while longer.

Next, we need a map and database like this for all capital projects across New York City. Not only so NYC residents can keep track, but so we can learn from patterns like contractors who don’t complete projects on time, or areas of consistent cost overruns. So I’m developing legislation that would require the City to report online about the progress of all its projects. Some city agencies have started doing this (like the Parks Department, through its Parks Capital Tracker), but the vast majority provide no information about the status of projects.

If you’re interested in learning more about our new Capital Projects Tracker and the effort to bring this to the rest of New York City, check out this article in Gotham Gazette.

Hope you are having a great end of summer, and getting ready for Labor Day Weekend, the start of school, and the coming of fall.


P.S. We are gearing up to kick off another season of Participatory Budgeting NYC.  Start thinking about what ideas you have for projects, or if you’d like to volunteer to make PBNYC a success this year

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