Participatory Budgeting District Committee

Participatory Budgeting District Committee

The District Committee is a group, comprised completely of volunteers, that has an invaluable role in the implementation and success of participatory budgeting. They partner with Councilmember’s Lander’s office to help plan and oversee the participatory budgeting process.

The committee envisions goals for the process, helps community members suggest ideas and develop proposals for potential projects, and oversees the completion of these projects. Through communication with all the neighborhoods within our district, and outreach to community members about project ideas, the district committee members work to ensure that the participatory budgeting process is as inclusive as possible.

These hard-working volunteers strive to help participatory budgeting reach its potential. They are instrumental in empowering community and improving our neighborhoods.

The 2015-2016 Participatory Budgeting District Committee members are:

Caron Atlas

Julie Bero

Jason Boutin

Shehab Chowdhury

Rachael Fauss

Nate Gray

Mamnun Haq

Patricia Jerido

Arlette Mathis

Joan Minieri

Christa Paterline

Michelle Proffit

Neil Reilly

Bryony Romer

George Sanchez

Bess Hauser

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