PBNYC Vote Week 2018

PBNYC Vote Week 2018

PBNYC Vote Week 2018 is here! Now is your chance to decide how public dollars should be spent in your neighborhood. 

Vote online here

You can also vote* in person at any of the below locations during Vote Week, as well as at my district office (456 5th Avenue) during normal business hours (9:30-5:30PM):

PB Expo4/9 from 6-9 PMPark Slope Library, 431 6th Ave
Popup Voting4/8-4/13Around the DistrictRSVP
PB Vote Weekend4/14 from 10am-4 PMOld Stone House & Windsor Terrace LibraryRSVP
PB Vote Weekend4/15 from 10am-4 PMCarroll Park House & Park Slope ArmoryRSVP

*Voter Eligibility:

Any resident of my district age 11 and older can vote in PBNYC – even if you are not a registered voter. All you need to do is fill out a voter affirmation form with your name, date of birth, and address!

If you want more background on PBNYC, like an overview of the process or a list of previously funded projects, you can learn more here

And, finally, here is the 2018 PB ballot: 

2018 Participatory Budgeting Ballot (District 39)

(click on project names for additional info & pictures)

Capital Projects (Vote for 5) 

Parks and Environment

1. Harmony Playground Improvements

Cost: $450,000
Description: Install shade structure over sandbox and replace non-working playground structures with viable equipment.
Location: Prospect Park Bandshell @ 10th St.  

2. Senior Fitness Playground

Cost: $400,000
Description: Install playground-style exercise equipment for senior citizens and the less able-bodied.
Location: Prospect Park near 9th Street  

3. Resurface the Soccer Field in Albemarle Playground

Cost: $500,000
Description: Replace damaged, hazardous turf in this widely used soccer field, shared by students at PS 230 and the Kensington community.
Location: 12th Avenue and Dahill Road


4. Replace Derelict Kindergarten Sinks at PS 282

Cost: $200,000
Description: Replace rusty sinks and splintered cabinets that pose a health/safety hazard to 5-year-olds and after-school communities
Location: Lincoln Place between 5/6 avenue

5. Renovate John Jay Library into Communal Space

Cost: $250,000
Description: Transform old library into a community meeting & classroom space by installing 5 large screen monitors and sound system. 
Location: John Jay Campus, 237 7th Avenue

6. Get smarter with SMART Boards at P.S. 131

Cost: $200,000
Description: Smart Boards will bring interactive lessons to 24 classrooms in high needs schools helping meet diverse learning needs. 
Location: 4305 Fort Hamilton Pkwy

7Make P.S. 118 Schoolyard Accessible and Safe

Cost: $200,000
Description:  Replace broken gate, enabling growing school to utilize playground as its only communal, ADA-accessible space
Location: 211 8th Street @ 4th Ave

Arts, Culture and Community Facilities

8. Outdoor Community Space for Borough Park Library

Cost: $400,000
Description:  Activate Borough Park Library’s exterior areas with a plaza renovation and garden space
Location: Borough Park Library


Expense Projects (Vote for 3) 

Parks and Environment 

1. Eco-Film Series and Hands On Upcycling Events

Cost: $10,500
Description: Series of 5 films to educate about impacts of plastics on the environment with workshops about repurposing plastic.
Location: 5 locations in District 39

2. Study of Endangered Bats in Prospect Park

Cost: $7,600
Description: Conduct scientific study about endangered bats in Prospect Park, which are critical pollinators and pest-eaters.
Location: Prospect Park

3. Solar Panels for South Brooklyn Children’s Garden

Cost: $10,620
Description: Install Solar panel system to bring electricity to South Brooklyn Children's Garden which currently has no supply.
Location: SBCG, Columbia Street and Sacket Street

4. Celebrate Earth Day with Gowanus community

Cost: $12,000
Description: Fund Gowanus Canal Conservancy to host community Earth Day event focused onnative plants, compost & green practices
Location: DSNY Salt Lot, 2 2nd Ave

5. Tool Sharing Consortium for District 15 Schools

Cost: $3,500
 Description: Old Stone House will purchase and store assorted tools for workshops and gardening activities at district schools
Location: Old Stone House, 336 3rd Street


6. iPads to support P.S. 77 students with autism

Cost: $6,909
Description: iPads will help students with autisms build language and communication skills, and support social/emotional learning
Location: P.S.77, 62 Park Pl

7. PS 133 Garden Irrigation and Winterizing System

Cost: $5,533
Description: Installation of irrigation and winterizing systems to enable water conservation and year-round gardening
Location: P.S. 133, 610 Baltic Street

8. Outreach Plan for Elementary School Diversity

Cost: $15,000
Description: Hire coordinator to assist 3 non-zoned elementary schools with an outreach plan to achieve diversity-in-admissions goals.
Location: PS 372, PS 146 and PS 133

Arts, Culture and Community Facilities

9. Media Lab at Park Slope Women's Shelter

Cost: $14,000
Description: Outfitting the 100-bed women's shelter at the Park Slope Armory with new computing and photography equipment.
Location: Park Slope Women’s Shelter,1402 8th Ave

10. Women’s Self-Defense for the Resistance

Cost: $5,400
Description: Series of workshops for immigrants, Muslim women and their allies to focused on self-defense techniques.
Location: Kensington

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