Dear Friends,

Brad at Eileen Dugan Senior CenterI never cease to be amazed by the civic commitment in our neighborhoods. Service makes a concrete difference, giving someone a meal, or a kid a chance at art or sports. It helps build an optimism and commitment to civic engagement that is key to our democratic success. And it calls us to recognize our civic responsibility, a sense of obligation and possibility that guides my City Council work.

I hope that in browsing through this section of my website, you'll join me in recognizing people who have done service, and that you'll think about engaging in service yourself (or, if you already engage in service, increase your committment to it).

Here you can find great stories of service, ideas for how to get started in serving the community, and a list of organizations for which we encourage you to help out. You can also nominate someone for a service award.

Thanks for reading,


Participatory Budgeting

What does your neighborhood need? An improved park? Safer streets? New school technology? In participatory budgeting, you give your ideas and City Councilmember Brad Lander has set aside $1 million to fund them. And your votes will decide which projects get funded.

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