Free Press - Teach Media Literacy Campaign

Free Press - Teach Media Literacy Campaign

The Free Press group is working a project to support legislation being proposed in the state assembly that would require schools to teach media literacy as part of the regular curriculum.  

See more about the bill here. 

This bill is still in committee and we have 7 more weeks until a possible vote. Please help #GetOrganizedBK and Free Press write letters to members of the Education committee to help ensure that it does not die in committee. 

You can send one or several letters to different members of the committee. Below you'll find a letter template and a list of names and address of Assembly members. Local addresses tend to be more effective but we have both attached in the doc. 

Thanks for your help!

NYS Ed Committee - GoBK.doc28.5 KB
Media Literarcy Letter - GoBK.doc41.5 KB

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