Share your #SubwayWoes, with me & the MTA

Share your #SubwayWoes, with me & the MTA

Signal malfunctions, switch problems, power failures, sick passengers. In recent weeks, I’ve heard from so many of you about subway problems that have upended your schedule, made you miss meetings or classes, and snarled New York City.

If you think things are getting worse underground, you aren’t imagining it. Subway reliability has dropped dramatically, with delays doubling over the past five years.

Tomorrow, as part of our budget hearings, the MTA will testify before the New York City Council. Although the MTA is a state-controlled agency (the majority of seats on the board are appointed by Governor Cuomo), they have at least agreed to appear before us.

So here’s your chance to share your #SubwayWoes and your questions for the MTA. Use this form (or Twitter or Facebook).

I can’t promise they’ll answer your questions, but at least I promise to ask them.

After weeks of deflecting, yesterday the MTA issued a 6-point plan to confront delays. What do you want to know about it?

As Riders Alliance Executive Director John Raskin makes clear: “These short-term plans must also be matched with a long-term vision that acknowledges the scale of the problem and invests the billions of dollars we’ll need to restore reliable, quality service. Fixing the problem will require real funding for our subways and buses, as well as sustained attention from Governor Cuomo, who ultimately runs our transit system."

My own #SubwayWoes? Last week, thanks to interminable F train delays, I almost missed my Amtrak train to DC for a meeting Joe Biden. Luckily I had left (just) enough time -- but I know many of you missed important meetings, job interviews, picking up your kids from school, and more.

Share your #SubwayWoes, and your questions for the MTA about what they’re doing -- in the short, medium, and long term -- to fix them. Because excuse notes will not cut it.

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- If you’re not on social media, give your MTA woes here.

There’s no quick fix here. And unfortunately not much the City Council can do. But there’s also nothing more important to holding our city together.  

I’ll live-tweet the MTA budget hearing tomorrow, so you’ll be able to follow along on my Twitter-stream, and see if we can get any answers.



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