You might not hear from me for awhile.

You might not hear from me for awhile.

If you’re on this list, you know I send out a lot of e-mails. I hear from some of you that you appreciate the news, events, and opportunities to get involved in our community (and, ok, from some others that it can get to be a little much from time-to-time ).

For the next few months, however, you’ll be hearing a bit less (at least from this e-mail account). During the election period, Council Members are prohibited from sending City-funded newsletters (including e-mails) to residents. The idea is to make sure incumbents can’t use taxpayer resources to help in our re-election campaigns. So, from now through the election, when you hear from my Council office, it’ll only be in regard to constituent services, the budget, and Council-sponsored events.

For those of you interested in receiving weekly #GetOrganizedBK newsletters, you can sign up directly here for the #GOBK mailing list.  

If you want to keep hearing from me more regularly, please follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Updates will also be shared frequently on my website at

Of course, you can always reach our district office in person, by e-mail at lander [at] council [dot] nyc [dot] gov (lander [at] council [dot] nyc [dot] gov), or by phone at (718) 499-1090.

I really value the opportunity to be in communication with so many of you about issues that matter in our community -- and look forward to continuing on other platforms for now, and again by regular e-mails after the election.

For now, think about how you’ll enjoy some summer free-time without quite as many e-mails!


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