NYPD Inspector General Act

NYPD Inspector General Act


Why do we need an Inspector General for the NYPD? 

Investigation Needed is a mini-report series taking a closer look at unresolved controversies in the NYPD.
  • Inspectors General are a valuable and standard feature of government agencies.  All federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies (including the CIA, FBI, and U.S. Department of Justice) and most NYC agencies (including the NYC Departments of Education, Parks, HPD, FDNY) have an IG. 
  • Inspectors General perform investigations to help ensure agencies are following the law; to identify waste, fraud, and abuse; to find deficiencies in agencies' programs that limit the ability to achieve their mission; to recommend corrective action; and to ensure appropriate transparency and oversight.
  • Decades-long concerns about corruption, as well as more recent concerns about potential civil liberties violations in the NYPD's stop-and-frisk policies and the NYPD Intelligence Unit, reveal the need for an NYPD IG.
  • While the Civilian Complaint Review Board and Internal Affairs Bureau investigate individual cases, no mechanism exists to provide for independent, secure investigations to ensure that NYPD policies and procedures are operating effectively and consistently with the law.
  • The Los Angeles Police Department has an IG, and all five of the next-largest municipal police departments have some form of independent oversight with subpoena power.


How would an Inspector General benefit New York?

  • Create the environment for a safer New York and more accountable, efficient NYPD.
  • Protect citizens against police surveillance or other policies that violate the law.
  • Provide actionable information to the NYPD, city, and public about suspect police policies.
  • Eliminate costly and wasteful police procedures paid for by the taxpayers.
  • Foster better police-community relations by increasing the public’s confidence in the police.


Pass the NYPD Inspector General Act

With multiple controversies undermining the NYPD’s credibility in communities across the city, and undermining morale within the department, this is an important moment to address the long-standing need for independent oversight of the NYPD.  An independent Inspector General will restore trust, improve police procedures, protect civil liberties, and improve public safety.


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