Elected Officials Call for a Halt to Senior Home Eviction

Elected Officials Call for a Halt to Senior Home Eviction

BROOKLYN, NY – Councilmember Brad Lander, Assemblymember Joan Millman, and Assemblymember James Brennan released the following statement today in response to a plan to close the Prospect Park Residence, an assisted living facility in Park Slope with over 100 elderly residents:

“To throw our elderly neighbors out on the street is cruel, heartless, and unacceptable. The owner, Haysha Deitsch, must withdraw his plan and allow these seniors to stay in their homes.

“There is already a shortage of senior housing in our city—where does he expect them to go?

“Many who live at the Prospect Park Residence have called it home for years. They pay their rent on time and are good neighbors. Most importantly, they have become a family. We have been there to celebrate many a hundredth birthday. They deserve more than this.

“The eviction of these neighbors will be a loss for Park Slope. Last fall, many of the residents came to community meeting hosted by Council Member Lander and offered their ideas to improve the neighborhood for all our benefit.

“To force vulnerable residents to move at this stage of their lives, with little notice and without a transition plan, will, no doubt, have traumatic consequences for our elderly and frail neighbors. Many depend on consistent routine and familiar surroundings and may not be able to mentally or emotionally move to another facility.

“These could be any of our parents, or any of us one day. We will be working with the residents and their families to ensure that they are treated fairly.”


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